Digital Denture

The fast, predictable process

The digital denture system is a fast and predictable process that delivers a finished denture out of a single disc for increased efficiency and attractive esthetics.

1. Consult

Where beautiful smiles begins
IvoSmile is an augmented reality app for visualizing the patient’s dental makeover on an iPad or iPhone.
• Real-time 3D visualization of potential treatment outcome
• Simplified communication between dentist and dental technician
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2. Scan & design

Simply scan and design
PrograScan PS5 and PS3
Our lab scanners PrograScan PS5 and PS3 have it all – precision, reliability and ease of handling. 
• Optimally integrated into Ivoclar’s digital workflows 
• All technologies, software programs and materials are coordinated with each other
• High process reliability enables you to enjoy time savings and reliable results
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3. Select

The key to amazing efficiency: one disc, one milling process, one denture
Ivotion is a monolithic solution in only one uninterrupted milling cycle without bonding.
• 3D tooth and arch structure in unique shell geometry designed for making upper and lower dentures
• High-quality PMMA material for long-lasting dentures
• Reduces manual steps to a minimum: design, mill, finish
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4. Produce

Maximum power and impressive efficiency
PrograMill PM7
PrograMill PM7 is a powerful milling machine that combines big data, material competence and software to produce high-precision dentures of the finest quality.
• Innovative and user-friendly operation panel
• Integrated ionizer and automatic self-cleaning with Active Air Suction
• 8-position material changer for an uninterrupted process
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5. Protect

Targeted protection
Cervitec Gel
Cervitec Gel helps patients to maintain their oral health - for longer enjoyment of removable dentures.  
• Protection and care for gums and the inside of dentures 
• Intensive protection for high-risk areas 
• For use in the practice and at home
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