WhipMix Investments

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WhipMix Investments

WhipMix Investments are divided into two categories according to their bonding systems: Phosphate and Gypsum. Within these systems you will find a wide variety of investments for general purposes, as well as for specific uses and techniques.

Phosphate investments are especially intended for use with high-fusing precious and non-precious alloys as they will withstand burnout as high as 1,000° C/1,800° F. They possess high strength and high expansion.
A special liquid is used with most of these investments to help impart these qualities, as well as to enable the user to vary the expansions for different alloys by proper dilution with water.

Gypsum investments, because of their temperature limitation, are restricted to use with metal alloys in the low fusing range below 1,080° C/1,975° F. Some gypsum investments may be used hygroscopically, others with a high heat burnout of 650° C/1,200° F maximum and a few with either technique.

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