Professional Teeth Whitening

Paint on a bright new smile!

Satisfying the desire for natural-looking white teeth is a great business opportunity. We offer effective, professional teeth whitening for in-office and at-home use.

1. Consult

The best way to start a treatment
Ivoclar Smile
Ivoclar Smile inspires patients in advance of treatment with the visualisation of a possible new smile.
• Real-time 3D visualisation of potential treatment outcome
• “Virtual mirror” on your iPad or iPhone
• Clear and motivating dialogue with patients 
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2. Isolate

Moisture control made easy
OptraGate is a latex-free lip and cheek retractor for relative isolation.
• Three-dimensional, plus hygienic single use
• Enlarged access substantially facilitates procedures[1]
• Enhanced patient comfort due to unique flexibility and elasticity[1]
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3. Clean and polish

Gentle on teeth and restorations
Proxyt is an exceptionally gentle paste that efficiently and effectively cleans and polishes teeth.[2-8]
• Improved handling for superior results[2-6] 
• Smooth consistency and splatter-free application[6] 
• Long-lasting lustre for high-quality restorations[2-7]
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4. Whiten

Paint on a bright new smile
VivaStyle Paint On Plus
VivaStyle Paint On Plus is a unique varnish for teeth whitening without using a tray.
• Contains 6% hydrogen peroxide for results in 10 minutes
• Precise and individual brush application for single tooth whitening
• For in-office or at-home use
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5. Protect

Special care gel to strengthen teeth
Fluor Protector Gel
Fluor Protector Gel supplies the teeth with calcium, fluoride and phosphate and strengthens and protects them.
• Special care formula that contributes to the hardening of tooth substance and the regeneration of tooth enamel
• Protection against dental caries, tooth erosion and periodontal disease
• For in-office and at-home application
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The range of available products may vary from country to country.

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