CAD/CAM Chairside  

Cutting-edge technology for IPS e.max® restorations

No matter where you are on your CAD/CAM journey, from digital newcomer to seasoned expert: this integrated, open workflow is the ideal solution for easily creating accurate, highly esthetic restorations.

1. Scan & Design: Convenient scanning. Flexible designing.

High accuracy for precise restorations
is an intraoral scanner that enables highly precise digital impressions in lifelike colours.
• Lightweight and ergonomics design  
• True colour scan
• The integrated HD camera makes your work through high-resolution photographs and case documentation easier.
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2. Decide: Best-selling[3]. Clinically proven[4-6].

The highly aesthetic lithium disilicate glass ceramic
IPS e.max CAD
is the world’s best-selling glass-ceramic[3] and it is suitable for the efficient fabrication of full-contour restorations[7-8] with high flexural strength[9].
• Clinical long-term success and scientifically documented results[4-6]
• Excellent esthetics and high strength of 530 MPa[9] combined with a 10-year material guarantee
• Adhesive, self-adhesive and conventional cementation options, depending on the restoration type[10-13]
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3. Fire: Superior speed. Ingenious design.

The glazing, crystallization and sintering furnace
Programat CS6
With our new Programat CS6 combination furnace, you can crystallise and sinter restorations faster than ever before with unsurpassed aesthetic results.
• Exceptionally fast crystallization program for IPS e.max CAD in just over 11 mins
• Easy operation; specially developed for use in dental practices
• Homogeneous heat distribution in the firing chamber ensures optimum firing results and aesthetic restorations
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6. Place: Invisible cementation. User-friendly application.

Amazingly simple aesthetics
Variolink Esthetic
is a light- and dual-curing luting composite for the permanent cementation of demanding ceramic and composite restorations.
• Exceptional esthetics with balanced Effect shade system, natural fluorescence and high long-term shade stability
• User-friendly processing with controlled excess removal and flexible consistency
• Optimal bonding with Adhese Universal and Monobond Etch & Prime – for your clinical success
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7. Protect: Effective germ control [14]. Optimum Aesthetics. 

is a unique varnish which contains the effective combination of the active ingredients chlorhexidine and thymol.
Cervitec Plus
is a unique protective varnish that helps keep restorations in good condition. [14-16]
  • Lowers the number of bacteria on high quality restorations 
    Helps control the caries risk and gingivitis[14,15]
  • Easy application[16] 
  • Transparent and colorless for optimum esthetics 
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8. Peace of mind

Service and Support
We know CAD/CAM is a huge investment, and we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. We are the ideal partner for your chairside CAD/CAM needs.
• Our Digital Masters help plan and decide which configuration best suits the needs of your practice
• Bespoke training sessions for you and your staff: online, on-site or in one of our Ivoclar training facilities
• We conduct the setup and maintenance to ensure you get up to speed and keep your practice running smoothly