Zirconia Restorations

High-end productivity, fast processing and esthetic results.

The high precision, perfect fit, and gorgeous esthetics of our zirconia restorations are paired with increased productivity and efficiency due to time-saving processes.

1. Scan & Design: High-speed scanning. High productivity.

Precision scans and versatile functions
PrograScan PS5
Produce digital impressions using the scanner’s third axis and create digital colour impressions.
• High-scanning speed and intuitive design software exocad DentalCAD.
• Optimally coordinated components: scanning device, CAD/CAM software and production equipment with the PrograMill milling machines
• Validated workflow for increased reliability and efficiency

2. Decide: Beautiful esthetics. Exceptional quality. 

The ultimate zirconia solution
IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime
two different zirconia discs with gradient technology that offer both excellent quality and impressive results
• The revolutionary material offers utmost flexibility
• Suitable for all major applications and processing techniques
• Continuous, seamless progression of shade and translucency

3. Produce: Powerful performance. Fast production.

The powerful high-end solution for an efficient laboratory
PrograMill PM7
is a dynamic and efficient milling machine for the digital production of high-precision restorations.
• High-performance milling for precise zirconia restorations
• User-friendly touch screen for intuitive operation
• Hybrid operation and 20-position tool changer

4. Sintering: Intuitive handling. Reliable results.

The modern expert for high sintering accuracy
Programat S2
is our new, compact and lightweight sintering furnace that delivers very precise fit.
• New design with large colour touch display for easy handling
• Fast sintering and increased capacity with the Programat Dosto-Tray sintering table
• Integrated speed sintering program for IPS e.max ZirCAD Prime

5. Finishing: Customized esthetics. Streamlined handling.

For life-like restorations
IPS Ivocolor
is a universal range of stain and glaze materials that enables restorations of high quality and esthetics.
• Designed for the characterization and glazing of IPS e.max ZirCAD restorations
• Universal staining and glazing system with a wide-ranging colour palette and two types of glaze
• High gloss at firing temperatures as low as 710°C
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6. Place: Efficient application. Reliable results.

Fast & easy cementation
ZirCAD Cement
offers good handling and quick and easy clean-up for conventional cementation.
• Effortless, cost-effective cementation of high-strength zirconia restorations
• Thixotropic behaviour controls flow
• Automix syringe for optimized one-step application and a reliable mixing ratio
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