IPS e.max ZirCAD Chairside

High-strength zirconia
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Zirconia in the dental practice

IPS e.max ZirCAD allows you to produce aesthetic, monolithic zirconia restorations efficiently in your dental practice with the help of efficient speed sintering programs. 

The high-strength zirconia ceramic has been a firm favourite of dentists and patients for many years and offers versatile options for your chairside treatment. IPS e.max ZirCAD blocks are available as MT Multi (with shade and translucency gradation) or monochromatic as LT (low translucency).

How you benefit:


IPS e.max ZirCAD features a high flexural strength of 1200 MPa (LT)[1] and 850 MPa (MT Multi)[2]. A fracture toughness of 5.1 MPa m1/2 underlines mechanical properties of the material[3]. 

Low wall thicknesses

Due to the  material’s high flexural strength and fracture toughness, it can be used to fabricate restorations with very thin walls. As a result, the teeth can be prepared according to minimally invasive principles and then conventionally cemented.

Natural aesthetics*

IPS e.max ZIrCAD MT Multi combines two raw materials for a realistic, natural progression of translucency. There is a high degree of translucency in the  incisal area and high opacity in the dentine area – an appearance resembling that of natural dentition*.

Fluorescent effect*

IPS e.max ZirCAD restorations can be enhanced with a natural fluorescence in combination with IPS e.max CAD Crystall./ Glaze Paste Fluo*.

Versatile cementation options

IPS e.max ZirCAD restorations can be cemented conventionally, adhesively or self-adhesively. This allows you to choose the appropriate cementation method for each clinical situation. 

10-year guarantee

You get a 10-year guarantee on all  your placed IPS e.max restorations[4].

Dr. Ronny Watzke
"For me, IPS e.max ZirCAD zirconoxide for chairside restorations ideally complements IPS e.max CAD for posterior bridges."
Types of restorations

Zirconia can be used for a wide variety of types of restorations:


Three-unit bridges

Various processing techniques

The options available after sintering include:

  • Polishing
  • Glazing and firing
  • Optional staining, glazing and firing

Minor corrections (e.g. proximal contact areas) can be applied to IPS e.max ZirCAD restorations using IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Add-On.

Polishing technique
With the light and dark blue OptraGloss diamond finishers, you can polish your restorations to a high gloss.
Glazing technique
The IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Glaze Spray and the Glaze Paste are available for glazing. The paste is available with or without fluorescence effect*.
Staining technique
Characterizations are applied using the IPS e.max CAD Crystall./Shades and Stains. In this processing technique, Stains/Glaze firing is performed in one step.
IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi

IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi cleverly combines the properties of two types of materials. The class 5Y-TZP zironia imparts a high level of translucency to the incisal region. The more opaque class 4Y-TZP zirconia is responsible for reinforcing the stability of the dentine region of 850 MPa[2].

The realistic progression of shade and translucency from the opaque dentin region to the translucent incisal region and the corresponding colour effect is ensured by IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi without any additional characterisation for maximum lifelike results*.

Two raw materials for a realistic, natural progression of translucency*:

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