Helioseal F Plus

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The efficient fissure sealant

Helioseal F Plus is a light-curing, white composite resin fissure sealant with fluoride-releasing properties. The fissure sealant supports the fight against caries. Because the product forms a tight seal, it effectively protects the tooth from cariogenic germs[13]. The fine fillers contained in the product ensure the smooth surface of the seal. The smooth surfaces created with the resin are easy to keep clean.

Your benefits of using Helioseal F Plus

Fast and comfortable fissure sealing
  • The highly efficient fissure sealant allows you to treat children quickly and comfortably
Optimum flow and wetting behaviour 
  • Helioseal F Plus is flowable, and it is easy to spread on complex contours such as pits and fissures – even in the upper jaw
Short light-curing time
  • Used in conjunction with a suitable polymerization light, such as Bluephase Style or Bluephase G4 from Ivoclar, Helioseal F Plus can be cured in only ten seconds
Precise application
  • The convenient slender syringe dispenses the correct amount of sealant exactly where it is needed
  • The fine cannula enables you to place the product swiftly and exactly without overfilling the fissures

Our solution for treating children quickly and comfortably

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Sealing with Helioseal F Plus
The fissure sealant enables fast, comfortable and efficient treatment due to its short light curing time, precise application as well as excellent flow and wetting properties.
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