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    All Ceramics

    Ivoclar offers a wide selection of all-ceramic products for press, layering and staining techniques, accompanied with coordinated accessories, so that you can recreate and imitate the natural tooth structure in all its fine details. The proven all-ceramic materials from Ivoclar deliver customised results that fulfil the most exacting aesthetic standards and meet the demands for high efficiency.

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    IPS Empress IPS Ivocolor IPS PressVEST IPS UniTray IPS e.max IPS e.max CAD IPS e.max Ceram IPS e.max Press
    Ceram Selection Dentin / Deep Dentin Essence Glaze Impulse Incisal Ingots Liquids Mamelon Margin Power Shades / Stains Transpa / Transpa Incisal Zirliner
    A-D Ceram Selection Characterization IPS Ivocolor IPS e.max Ceram
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    Etch Firing Paste IPS e.max Investment Natural Die Material Plungers Shade Guides Tongs / Tweezers Trays
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    IPS e.max CAD Crystall Shade Refill 3g
    IPS e.max CAD Crystall Stains Refill 1g

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