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    IPS e.max CAD MT C14 / 5 CEREC/InLab

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    Lithium disilicate glass-ceramics (LS2)

    IPS e.max® CAD is the best-selling glass-ceramic[1] worldwide. The material enables the efficient fabrication of full-contour restorations. It is distinguished by its flexibility, versatile field of applications and processing options and its high strength of 530 MPa[2].

    Both its esthetic properties and durability have been confirmed in everyday clinical practice.[3-5].

    Processing options:
    “Blue” restorations can be:

    • polished and crystallized
    • glazed and crystallized in a single step
    • stained, glazed and crystallized in a single step

    Types of restorations:

    • Minimally invasive crowns (1 mm)[6]
    • crowns
    • Three-unit bridges (up to the second premolar as the terminal abutment)
    • Implant-supported hybrid abutment restorations (hybrid abutments[7], hybrid abutment crowns) – Veneers and occlusal veneers
    • Inlays, onlays, partial crowns


    • Excellent esthetics and high flexural strength of 530 MPa[2]
    • 97.2% survival rate of posterior crowns over a period of 10 years[8]
    • Efficient grinding and crystallization of posterior crowns in only 19:17 minutes[9]
    • Broad spectrum of restorations for your chairside CAD/CAM applications
    • 10-year guarantee
    • Suitable for conventional, adhesive or self-adhesive cementation techniques

    Block sizes[7]:

    • 6 (I12, C14, C16, B32, B40 and B40 L) and 2 abutment block sizes (A14, A16)

    Translucency levels[7]:

    • 4 levels and 2 Impulse blocks (HT – High Translucency, MT – Medium Translucency, LT – Low Translucency, MO – Medium Opacity)


    • Comprehensive range of shades: in A–D and BL shades (the range of shades varies depending on the translucency level), see page 60–65.

    Authorized CAD/CAM systems:

    • Ivoclar:
      • PrograMill® PM3 / PM5 / PM7
      • Zenotec® select hybrid
    • Amann Girrbach:
      • ceramill® mikro ic,
      • ceramill® motion 2 / motion 3 /drs
      • ceramill® matik
    • Planmeca:
      • PlanMill® 30 S / 40 / 40 S
    • Dentsply Sirona:
      • inLab® MC XL / MC X5
      • CEREC® MC / MC X / MC XL / Primemill

    [1] Based on global sales figures.
    [2] Average biaxial flexural strength; outcome after more than 10 years of ongoing quality testing, R&D Ivoclar, Schaan.
    [3] Fasbinder D. J et al., Study report, 2017b.
    [4] Rauch A et al., Clin. Oral Investig. 2018, 22, p. 1763-1769.
    [5] Boldt J, Spitznagel F. A, Dtsch. Zahnaerztl. Z. 2017, 72 (4), p. 319-325.
    [6] Long-term clinical evidence and the material’s high strength allows the recommendation for crowns with a minimum layer thickness of 1 mm in combination with an adhesive cementation method.
    [7] The offering varies, depending on the CAD/CAM system being used.
    [8] The survival rate of monolithic IPS e.max CAD posterior crowns was evaluated with the Kaplan-Meier method. The failure rate refers to technical failures such as fractures and chipping, R&D Ivoclar, Schaan.
    [9] Average grinding time of three posterior crowns, 08:07 minutes (CEREC Primemill, fast grinding mode), followed by superspeed crystallization in the Programat CS6, 11:10 minutes (HT, MT, LT / glaze spray or polishing technique), maximal two restorations, R&D Ivoclar, Schaan.

    CEREC®, inLab®, PlanMill® und ceramill® are not registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

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