Each and every day, new channels are popping up with ways that allow you to communicate with others. However, there are several key fundamental concepts that you can utilize to communicate effectively with your clients and staff.  

Here are my 7 tips for success:
Tip #1

Don't forget to use "please" and "thank you".

Tip #2

Inspect what you expect.

Tip #3

Listen more than you talk.

Tip #4

Know your audience.

Tip #5

Less is more – keep your communications clear and concise

Tip #6

Use "Story telling" whenever possible

Tip #7

Build relationships one step at a time. 

Whether it's strictly digital communications or old school "thank you notes" you should explore a variety of tactics to see what works best.  Never stop trying as open and clear communications is imparative to bilding successful relationships.


Watch this short video as I explain these concepts in action

John Isherwood – Senior Manager of Corporate Communications

John is a 24-year veteran of Ivoclar and the dental industry where he focuses on marketing communication initiatives for the organization.  Prior to that, John worked in the sports industry (Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bisions) as a public relations liaison.
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