FAQ - frequently asked questions
A selection of the most common requests made by our customers

An eIFU stands for "electronic Instruction for Use" and describes digital instructions for use. Instead of a printed version, an eIFU allows users to access all relevant information and instructions in electronic form. This offers practical benefits such as easy access to information across various electronic devices and the ability to easily implement updates. eIFUs can also be a more environmentally friendly alternative as less paper is used.

To find the Instructions for Use or Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU) for your product, please navigate to the top menu bar of our website. There you will find the menu item «Instructions for use». Click on this to go to the electronic patient information leaflet or eIFU search page. You can also go directly to the eIFU search page with the link www.ivoclar.com/en_us/eifu. The link is also printed on all packaging for products that have an eIFU.

On the search page you have two options for finding the manual you need: you can either search by number or by name.

If you know the number, please enter the product reference number (REF number) or the UDI-DI in the appropriate search field. You can usually find these numbers on the packaging of your product.

If you don't have the number handy, you can search by name instead. Just enter the name of your product in the search field. Please note that when searching by name, all results matching the name entered will be displayed. So make sure you choose the right eIFU. When selecting the eIFU for your product, make sure that the validity date of the eIFU matches the validity date of your product.

The eIFU search page also offers a download and subscription function/paper version as an alternative. Customers have the option to download the IFU in PDF format from the eIFU search page and will be asked if they wish to subscribe to this eIFU before downloading. If they subscribe, they will be notified by email when a new version of this eIFU is available, with a link directly to the new valid eIFU, which again can be downloaded in PDF format. In addition, customers can also request a paper version of the respective IFU on the website. These are sent to the customer by post within seven days.



The Download Center is an additional platform that allows you to get more information about a specific product. You can use the search function to view content such as quick guides or brochures.  In addition, the Download Center also serves as a linking platform for certain documents on the product pages. This ensures easier and direct access to further information for our customers.

Here is the direct link to the Download Center: www.ivoclar.com/en_us/downloadcenter

In our download center you can find a wide variety of documents for the desired products, such as brief instructions or brochures.


An ROI calculator is a tool for calculating the return on investment (ROI) of an investment. Ivoclar offers an ROI calculator for individual devices (PrograMill, PrograScan) and for certain materials (Ivotion, IPS e.max Press) so that dental laboratories or practices can better assess the profitability of a decision based on costs and expected income.



You must fully complete the Customer account regitration process to shop online, once completed you can then start adding product to your shopping cart.

We are only permitted to sell our products to dental offices and laboratories, it can sometimes take up to two business days to verify your account details.

Once your account details are verified and your Ivoclar account has been created you will be able to shop online right away.


Click here to manage your preferred dealers, a total of four dealers can be selected at any time.

Ivoclar is only available for our United States based customers at the moment. Also, we do not sell nor ship products to customers in the U.S. for export to other countries.

Yes, clicking the heart icon on any product will allow you to add the product to a customized favorites list. Once your Customer account has been created you can click here to view or manage your favorites lists on your profile.

Click here to access the quick order tool, this allows you to quickly add product to your shopping cart if you already know the product codes. Follow the steps provided to add products one at a time or you can upload in bulk.

On the last page of the checkout process before you submit your order there is a comments box. Enter your promo code here and any other special instructions for your order. Customer service will then ensure the promo code is applied to your order.

Click here to access our Sales Rep Finder, if you are a dentist or laboratory click on the respective sections and enter your ZIP/Postal code to view your local sales rep’s contact information.


Once you have submitted your order online if you would like to make a change or cancel your order please contact customer service via ivonline.us@ivoclar.com or 1-800-533-6825.

You can track your package online, click here to view your order history. Click the tracking link in the status column for your order for the most up to date tracking information.

We try to ship all orders the same day they are placed, however orders placed after 6pm EST may not ship until the following business day.

To update your payment terms, billing or shipping address please contact customer service via ivonline.us@ivoclar.com or 1-800-533-6825.


At the moment it is not possible to pay you invoices online, please call 1-800-533-6825 to speak with our credit department and make any payments.

Yes, once your Customer account has been created you can click here to view your invoices.

To remove a credit card you have saved online please contact customer service via ivonline.us@ivoclar.com or 1-800-533-6825.


Click here to review our delivery and returns policy.

Please contact customer service via ivonline.us@ivoclar.com or 1-800-533-6825.


You can find the link in two places. There will be a link in your email inbox or you can sign into ivoclar.com and find the course in My Profile.

If you have watched a on-demand webinar, you can go back at any time to review. Simply sign into your account and you will be able to access the course in My Profile. For live webinars, you must wait until the program is available on-demand.



You can view, download and print all of your certificates in ‘My Profile’.


If you do not pass the quiz on your first try, don't worry! You will be able to repeat the test until you hit the 60% pass rate.

For each educational offering, there is a dedicated contact person on the detail page who you can get in touch with.


Please visit our Services page

Please contact our support before you send a product to us – this ensures that we can resolve your request quickly.

In case something goes wrong, Ivoclar warranty makes sure you are covered. The warranty duration depends on the type of product. With a service package, you can extend your warranty.

Please contact our support before you send a product to us – this ensures that we can resolve your request quickly.

Please go to "My profile", find "My devices" in the Portal Features side menu, press "+ Register Device" in the upper right corner of the page, get a report subscription and access your device performance anytime.