Convenience Called. Intraoral Scanners Answered.


Patient expectation of convenience has reached an all-time high due to the global pandemic’s unprecedented circumstances. While healthcare providers, including dentists, were forced to make drastic changes due to intensified safety procedures over the past three years, patients took note of the increased alternative options for receiving the care they need. In a recent study,  80% of patients reported that they prefer providers that offer more convenience. As such, many practices have invested in new technologies that can provide further conveniences, such as intraoral scanners. 

Intraoral scanners are specifically designed to remove the inconveniences related to taking traditional impressions, such as their overall tendency to be messy, costly, and time-consuming. While taking traditional impressions often requires that patients inconveniently spend an inordinate amount of time stuck in the dental chair where they may be exposed to additional discomforts such as unpleasant smells and the application of dental materials in their mouths. Some intraoral scanners, such as VivaScan by Ivoclar also provide a pleasant ergonomic design making the patient experience much more comfortable and pleasant.

Intraoral scanners provide dentists the ability to conveniently take and retake highly efficient 3D images of the patient’s teeth, gums, and mouth. Dentists can also rescan areas of imperfection, and review impressions within seconds on their computer screen, allowing for a more accurate impression. Intraoral scanners such as VivaScan are also integrated with state-of-the-art technology which provides dentists with time-saving conveniences such as the ability to instantly transfer digital impressions to specialists and laboratories, delivering exceptional practice workflow efficiencies.

Lightweight and ergonomics design

VivaScan is a compact scanner and offers a flexible scanning experience. Its slim, lightweight and ergonomic design makes scanning an effortless task.

Plug & play function

The device’s plug-and-play capability allows you to use VivaScan as a portable system. The scanner simply needs to be connected to a laptop for it to work. VivaScan requires only one cable, which contributes to its convenient handling.

Two tip sizes

VivaScan comes with two different-size tips (regular and small), which allow you to determine the best fit for every patient so that their scanning appointment will be as comfortable as possible.

Two button function

This function allows you a touch-free operation on the patient. High speed provides a fast scanning experience and helps you to treat a larger number of patients without wasting time or consumables.

True color scan

VivaScan helps your laboratory to design and fabricate restorations precisely. Consequently, you and your lab can provide your patients with excellent fitting restorations, which will make you and your patients smile.

Integrated HD camera

The integrated HD camera makes your work through high-resolution photographs and case documentation easier.

"In a recent study,  80% of patients reported that they prefer providers that offer more convenience."

While digital scanners provide dentists and patients with greater convenience, there are a few variables to consider when choosing the right one for your practice. Many intraoral scanners provide accuracy, efficiency, and a more convenient patient-dentist experience, but only VivaScan delivers exceptional support backed by the dedicated people of Ivoclar. 

VivaScan is one example of an intraoral scanner that provides remarkable results for taking digital impressions coupled with high-quality customer support from Ivoclar with no additional costs and incorporates user-friendly technology for immediate file sharing. Whether you are looking to increase accuracy and efficiency, or improve the workflow and convenience of taking impressions while being provided expert advice and support, an intraoral scanner such as VivaScan is the right investment for you and your dental practice. 

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