Dental educators understand the importance of training and education and presentations are the choice method to communicate their ideas and share knowledge. In this video blog, Gary will share 10 steps to help create and deliver a successful presentation. 


Learn these best practices on how to give an intriguing and educational presentation that will leave a lasting impression on your audience:


10. Visual elements

A balance of visual elements will help amplify your message.

9. Keep it consistent

A consistent look and simpler clean approach is important to convey your message.

8. Outline your presentation

An agenda helps the audience know where you are throughout your presentation.

7. Use the alignment tools

Logicial layouts makes it easier to read and understand the message, giving a greater impact.

6. All display is no display

Presenting complex  information, its best to to split it up into multiple slides. 

5. Positive & negative space

Don't try to make every slide a huge highlight. Creating balance by using positive and negative space helps highlight key information.

4. Be engaging

An amazing presentation needs to have a confident presenter.

3. Limit effects

Effects can be effective but overuse can be distracting to the key message.

2. Be a teacher

Nothing more gratifying than sharing your unique knowledge and talents with fellow colleagues

1. Making People Smile

Getting that message across to the Dental Industry 

Applying some, or all, of these tips to your next presentation will help strengthen your message, connect with your audience, and help meet the ultimate goal of "Making people smile"!

Happy Presenting!

Gary Dixon - Visual Communications Manager

 Gary is the Manager of Visual Communications and has been with Ivoclar for 22 years. He a proud member of the internal Creative Marketing Services team, starting his career as a graphic artist and later transitioning to his current role in video production, 3D animation, corporate events and presentations. 
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