Dental Lab technology has evolved significantly over the last two decades. Leading labs have already adopted digital workflows and are driving the industry to follow suit.

This change towards digital workflows is driven by its advantages such as better cost structure, production efficiency, enhanced capacity, increased accuracy, reduced turnaround time, improved patient outcomes and better-quality dental restorations.

A key part of the digital transformation is the adoption of a digital mindset. Digital change / mindset is a tall order as it involves shifting values, norms, attitudes, and behaviors. Ultimately, everyone must understand the new direction the lab is going in. Laboratories need to buy-into the transformational strategy and need strong partnerships to help make their inspiration a reality.

There are some considerations that dental labs must keep in mind before making this transition.

To reap the maximum benefit of the investment, in digital solutions, labs need to optimize workflows. Transitioning to digital dentistry, dental labs must consider how digital technology will integrate with their current systems and how it will affect their workflow. Laboratories must ensure that their staff is prepared to handle these changes and that they have a plan in place to manage the transition. Ivoclar can help labs optimize and create customized digital workflows and ensure compatibility with existing traditional workflows. Technology then becomes a customized solution based on the individual needs of each lab.

Key Considerations:
  • Integration with their current systems and how that affects their current workflow

  • Staff is prepared to tackle new changes, and manage a plan for this transition

  • Quality of their current equipment and software, and regular maintenance protocols are in place

With digital dentistry, the accuracy of the digital impressions and the final restoration depends on the quality of the equipment and software used. Dental labs must ensure that they are using high-quality equipment and software and that they have quality control measures in place (such as regular maintenance protocols and calibration), to ensure that the final restoration meets the required specifications Ivoclar’s efficient, flexible, and collaborative workflow solutions will make daily life in your lab easier and more predictable.


Image 1 & 2 [below]: Enter digitalization starting with scan and design using PrograScan scanner, PS5 by Ivoclar 

Your success is our #1 priority

Ivoclar provides dental labs with a dedicated support system which includes technicians, sales support, digital experts, and staff training options through our Ivoclar Academy.

Ivoclar works with each lab to develop a custom digital solution plan suitable for the lab's requirements including selection of equipment, software, installation, material acquisition, staff training and regular ongoing maintenance requirements.

Dental labs are constantly searching for ways to improve their services and increase their efficiency, while maintaining high-quality standards. Investing in digital scanner and mill technology is one way to achieve these goals.

Investing in digital scanner and mill technology can offer numerous benefits to dental labs, however determining when to make this investment can be challenging. Before making this investment, a dental lab must consider the volume of work they currently have, the accuracy and precision of their work, potential cost savings, competitive advantage, and employee satisfaction. By carefully evaluating these factors, dental lab owners should make an informed decision about when to invest in this technology. Ivoclar's digital equipment offers dental labs a range of benefits, including precision, efficiency, flexibility, ease of use, integration, and consistency. 

First Steps to going digital:

A typical lab that wants to go digital could start with investing in a scanner, to enhance precision (less dependence on models) and speed up designing denture restorations. Subsequent milling processes could continue to be outsourced initially. The lab scanner will contribute to increased capacity and open the path to acquiring an inhouse mill. 

Assimilating traditional and digital workflows

One of the significant challenges in assimilating traditional and digital workflows in a dental lab is staff training. Dental technicians need to understand the digital tools and software used in digital workflows. The digital workflow requires new hardware and software to be integrated into the dental lab's existing infrastructure. This integration may require the purchase of new equipment and coordination between different departments in the dental lab. Existing protocols need to be standardized, the procedures and protocols across the different workflows readjusted, to ensure consistent quality control processes. Finally, integrating digital workflows with other systems needs to be seamless to avoid disruption to the dental lab's operations.

Cost impact of digitization

Controlling more of the workflow allows for control of the delivery time frame and provides a clear picture of the cost of each deliverable. This enables Labs to develop reliable and consistent timelines for work and gives them full control of fixed and variable cost to customize pricing models and maximize profitability.


Image 4 &5 [below]: Specific machining strategies for each material of the Ivoclar Digital portfolio. 

Why Ivoclar:

As technology evolves and develops, Ivoclar can be your education partner and provide hands-on training, to maximize returns from the digital investment. We can help you build a conscious learning culture in your Lab.

Ivoclar is a well-known dental equipment manufacturer that offers a range of digital equipment for dental labs. Some key advantages of using Ivoclar’s digital equipment include:

Precision and accuracy

Ivoclar's digital equipment is designed to provide high precision and accuracy in the manufacturing process, resulting in consistent and high-quality restorations.


Ivoclar's digital equipment is designed to streamline the manufacturing process, allowing dental labs to produce restorations faster and more efficiently.


Ivoclar's digital equipment offers a range of options for dental labs, allowing them to choose the best solution for their needs. This includes a variety of materials and workflows. Our Mills are validated for some of the best materials in the industry like IPS e.max

Service options

Ivoclar acknowledges ‘one size fits all’ coverage solution is not conducive and hence offers various service contract options for all their digital equipment, allowing labs to select the one that resonates most with their needs. 

White Glove delivery

Ivoclar uses White glove delivery service to ensure a smooth, seamless, and worry-free experience for its dental partners. When equipment is delivered, it is unwrapped, and all debris discarded so that the dental labs can focus on installation and training needs.

Ease of use

Ivoclar's digital equipment is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-follow workflows. This reduces the learning curve for new users and makes it easier for dental labs to train their staff.


Ivoclar's digital equipment is designed to integrate with other software and equipment used in dental labs, making it easier to manage workflows and data.


Ivoclar's digital equipment provides consistent results, ensuring that restorations meet the same high standards every time they are manufactured.


The digital transformation journey provides opportunities to achieve growth in business and diversification in services offered. Ivoclar’s range of products/services can help increase production capacity, and help the lab evolve with technological changes as the business grows.

Technology continues to evolve at a fast pace. Progressive companies like Ivoclar continue to innovate and develop digital solutions for small, medium, and large dental labs. With a 100-year history of technological innovation and customer support at your disposal, partnering with Ivoclar gets you the benefit of technological innovation and helps you achieve your visualized future.

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