Multilink Automix

Proven clinical performance
Strong and long-lasting bond – confirmed in clinical practice[1]

Multilink Automix is a luting material for the permanent adhesive cementation of indirect restorations made of silicate and oxide ceramics, metal and metal-ceramics (PFM) and composite resins. Used together with the matching Multilink Primers A and B, the material generates a strong and long-lasting bond to the tooth structure.

Reliable adhesive cementation performance
  • Strong and long-lasting bond[1]
  • Clinically proven and matching products
  • Reliable bond due to self-curing mechanism supported by optional light curing
Wide spectrum of applications
  • Restoration types: inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and endodontic posts
  • Materials: all-ceramics, in particular opaque zirconium oxide ceramics; metal and metal-ceramics (PFM) and composite resins
  • Strong bond for IPS e.max CAD / Press[1-4] and IPS e.max ZirCAD[5]
Extensive range of shades
  • Available in four shades: Transparent, yellow, opaque, white
  • Matching Try-In pastes
To date, 21 million indirect restorations have been placed with Multilink Automix.[6]

Useful conditioning tip

The innovative universal Monobond Plus primer helps to generate a reliable and strong bond to indirect restorations made of all popular materials.