Tetric PowerFill

Sculptable Nano-Hybrid Composite
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Tetric PowerFill is a sculptable 4-mm composite for true-to-nature esthetic results in the posterior region.

Tetric PowerFill is characterized by reliable depth of cure[4, 9-13], low shrinkage[4, 12] and optimum flexural strength[12-14]. In short: The clinical performance of Tetric PowerFill[12, 15-17] is just as impressive and the results are just as esthetic[18, 19] as those achieved with conventional composites. The low stickiness[20, 21] of Tetric PowerFill facilitates the creation of anatomical structures.

Esthetics – Quality – Efficiency

  • True-to-nature esthetics for posterior restorations due to Ivocerin[7, 8] and Aessencio Technology
  • Excellent margin quality in combination with Adhese Universal[17]
  • Reliable depth of cure of increments of up to 4 mm in thickness[4, 9-13]
  • Low susceptibility to process-related air entrapments[22, 23]
  • Easy creation of anatomical structures because of low stickeness[20, 21] 
  • Short light exposure times from 3 seconds[9, 10, 13]
  • Effective combination with Tetric PowerFlow

Patented light initiator Ivocerin[7, 8] and Aessencio Technology

Ivocerin ensures a reliable depth of cure of composite layers of up to 4 mm. The Aessencio Technology is responsible for gradually increasing the opacity of the initially translucent 4-mm composites during the light polymerization process. Ultimately, the materials attain the translucency levels of enamel and dentin and therefore assume a true-to-nature esthetic appearance.

Posterior tooth restoration made with Tetric PowerFlow and Tetric PowerFill
1 - Preoperative situation
2 - Prepared cavity
3 - Baseline
4 - 6-month recall appointment

Source: Dr Lukas Enggist, Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein



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