Tetric PowerFlow

Nano-hybrid flowable posterior 4-mm composite
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Tetric PowerFlow is a flowable 4-mm composite for true-to-nature esthetic results in the posterior region.

The material is characterized by low shrinkage, optimum flexural strength and reliable depth of cure. Therefore, the clinical performance of Tetric PowerFlow is just as impressive as that of conventional composites. As a result of its excellent adaptation to cavity walls, the product is ideal for repairing deep cavities. We recommend using Tetric PowerFlow in combination with Tetric PowerFill. It can also be used together with Tetric Prime.

Esthetics – Quality – Efficiency

  • True-to-nature esthetics for posterior restorations due to Ivocerin and Aessencio Technology
  • Reliable curing of increments of up to 4 mm in thickness
  • Low susceptibility to process-related air entrapment
  • Excellent adaptation to cavity walls and fast volume replacement because of outstanding flow properties
  • Short light exposure times from 3 seconds
  • Effective combination with Tetric PowerFill and Tetric Prime

Patented light initiator Ivocerin[7, 8] and Aessencio Technology

Ivocerin ensures a reliable depth of cure of composite layers of up to 4 mm. The Aessencio Technology is responsible for gradually increasing the opacity of the initially translucent 4-mm composites during the light polymerization process. Ultimately, the materials attain the translucency levels of enamel and dentin and therefore assume a true-to-nature esthetic appearance.


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