Tetric Prime

Sculptable Universal Composite
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Tetric® Prime is a high quality, universal composite focused on Prime handling.

Tetric Prime is a sculptable universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations.

Because of the material’s distinctive chameleon effect and excellent handling properties, it is particularly suitable for rebuilding lost tooth structure in the highly visible anterior region. In most cases, you will need to apply only one shade-matched material to achieve a lifelike esthetic result.


Esthetics – Quality – Efficiency
  • Natural shade blend due to the distinctive chameleon effect

  • Universally applicable enamel shades for small defects and direct veneers

  • Dentin shades showing low translucency for restoring large defects and fulfilling high esthetic expectations

  • Prime handling properties: Easy to contour as a result of low stickiness, good spreadability and creamy consistency

  • Excellent polishability for a lustrous surface

  • Easy to distinguish on X-rays due to high radiopacity


How does natural shade blend work?

As a result of the special monomer and filler blend of our universal composites, the materials are capable of adapting their light-optical properties to those of the surrounding tooth structure.


Developed with the clinician in mind, in response to many requests for a universal composite that offers:

Shade compatibility with IPS e.max

The use of IPS e.max lithium disilicate is one of the most used ceramic material for fixed restorations. The clinical indication – implant restorations like abutment crowns access hole are required to be restored with dental composites.

The shade incompatibility of composite material with ceramic material can compromises esthetic outcome.


The chemistry of Tetric Prime has been optimized to make it compatible with IPS e.max lithium disilicate. The image (below) demonstrates a specimen of thickness 1mm of IPS e.max lithium disilicate abutment block with an access hole. The access hole was restored with Tetric Prime, polished and evaluated against natural tooth stump shade. Tetric Prime shades are compatible with IPS e.max lithium disilicate shades.

Single Shade Solution with Tetric Prime

For dentists looking for the efficiency of a single shade solution in Class I & Class II restorations, Tetric Prime offers a highly translucent universal enamel shade (15%).

Compare the Effect Cavity Preparations have on the Shade-Matching Ability of Several Translucent Composites in Posterior Restorations.


Tetric Prime and Omnichroma were compared in three cavity classes: Class V, Class II, and Class I in non-carious extracted teeth for shade-matching ability. After restoring, specimens were polished stored in 37ºC distilled water for 24 h and 1 week. The samples evaluated using the Crystaleye Spectrophotometer (Olympus) of the filling and surrounding enamel.

Two clinicians evaluated the samples at each time point using the Vita Classical shade guide and gave a score. There was no significant evidence of an effect of cavity preparations the shade-matching ability of translucent composite materials at 24 hours and 1-week post operation when using a spectrophotometer to measure the shade match and dentists to determine shade-matching. The materials tested produced acceptable and similar esthetic outcomes.

High Radiopacity

The use of restorative materials with high radiopacity help clinicians to diagnose any post-op issues with the restorations.

Tetric Prime includes special filler particles – yettrium trifluoride that provides high radiopacity to the material. Hence, it makes it easy to diagnose any clinical issues during post-op appointments.


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