Ivotion is the key to amazing efficiency.

Ivotion combines both tooth and denture base material in one disc. 

Digital dentures made of Ivotion are milled from one disc in a single  uninterrupted milling process without time-consuming manual working steps.

Ivotion forms part of the Ivotion Denture System, offering an efficient monolithic solution for the digital production of patient-specific complete removable dentures.

Your advantages with Ivotion

Impressive efficiency with fewer manual working steps
  • Uninterrupted milling process

  • No denture tooth bonding process required

  • Straightforward to complete: mill and polish - done

Convincing materials for permanent complete dentures
  • High-quality PMMA material for long-lasting removable dentures 

  • Direct chemical bond between tooth and denture base material

High predictability and accurate planning
  • Integrated into a seamless workflow

  • High precision thanks to detailed data capture, precise scanning and designing and high-quality production using PrograMill milling machines

Multiple fields of application in removable prosthetics
  • Complete dentures

  • Single complete dentures

  • Implant-supported dentures

  • Duplicate complete dentures

  • Immediate complete dentures

  • Overdentures with two attachments

Available in different versions:
  • For upper and lower dentures

  • In tooth shades BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and in combination with the gingiva shades Preference, Pink-V and US-D

Data-based Shell Geometry

Shell Geometry is a data-based, three-dimensional tooth and dental arch structure that is suitable for the fabrication of upper and lower dentures. The Shell Geometry within the disc defines the transition between the tooth and denture base sections of the disc. A large number of time-tested complete dentures that are still in service were analyzed and a common denominator was established and used in the development of the Shell Geometry.

An intuitive CAD design process enables patient-specific customization with the Ivotion tooth library and the coordinated Shell Geometry. Dentures for a wide range of jaw shapes and sizes can be fabricated using this digital technique.

High-quality material for high-end complete dentures

Ivotion combines a proven highly cross-linked PMMA tooth material with a premium denture base material. The tooth and gingiva materials developed for Ivotion are the result of intensive research work. They build on combinations of established and clinically proven products. This means that they are suitable for permanent restorations in complete denture prosthetics.
The bond between the tooth and gingiva material is established within the disc without using an additional adhesive component. Both materials are polymerized together in a single manufacturing step to produce a direct chemical bond.

“With the Ivotion Digital Denture system, I am able to use analog foundational principles within a seamless digital workflow and get predictable results. The Ivotion digital denture delivers on exceptional accuracy and fit with very minor adjustments, great esthetics and most importantly strength. I don‘t have to worry about teeth popping off or fracturing, especially on conversion implant supported cases during the osseointegration period. Overall, I encourage my colleagues to implement Ivotion into their denture treatments as the workflow is streamlined, efficient and has been a great experience for both me and my patients.“

Read Dr. Bedrossian and Gerry's Full Case Study Here.

She made history in 1978 as a member of the Milwaukee Does, playing in the first all-female professional basketball game against the Chicago Hustle in a new league called the Women’s Professional Basketball League (WBL).

When it came time to consider all the pros and cons of her restorative options, Gerry Lynn Booker and her clinician didn’t hesitate to choose a solution that was both definitive and esthetic.

“I feel confident with my new dentures because they fit great and feel like they are part of me”

“Since I started prescribing Ivotion digital dentures, my patients have been very happy, and I‘ve been able to realize efficiencies including limited number of appointments and less post-op adjustments"

"My practice has high esthetic expectations and Ivotion did not disappoint."

Ivotion: Step-by-Step with Eric D. Kukucka
Ivotion: Step-by-Step with Eric D. Kukucka
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