The new Programat ceramic furnaces

P710 G2 & P510 G2 & P310 G2
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Your smart specialist for high-quality firing results

Modern. Intuitive. Smart. With the objective to meet the requirements of your dental laboratory. Proven technologies, such as the infrared technology, combined with new features - that is what makes the new Programat ceramic furnace your reliable specialist.

High process reliability due to infrared technology (IRT)[1] : The integrated thermographic camera is sensitive to infrared radiation and measures the temperature directly at the surface of the objects being fired. The furnace head and the heater are controlled with the infrared camera to ensure that the predefined pre-drying temperature is consistently maintained on the objects in the furnace.

Modern design
  • Dynamic colour concept
  • Ergonomic shapes and forms
  • Optimized firing tray for more space and better cooling
High process reliability
  • Fast and high-quality firing results due to infrared technology
  • IoT function for free monthly equipment usage reports
  • Pre-set programs and material groups
Intuitive operation
  • New membrane-sealed keypad with proven colour touchscreen display
  • New user interface featuring new symbols and icons
  • Efficient and reliable performance due to software optimizations
Delivers more than meets the eye.
Now with IoT functionality! Stay informed about your furnace. Receive a monthly usage report for your device free of charge via e-mail.
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Your digital Journey
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Additional highlights

Cooling process controlled by IRT2 [2]

The infrared camera measures the temperature at the surface of the fired objects again during the opening process of the furnace. A slower and controlled cooling process prevents cracks and fractures. A notification is displayed as soon as the fired objects have reached the appropriate temperature to be removed.

QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector

The QTK2 muffle together with the SiC bottom reflector ensures optimum temperature distribution and leads to optimum firing results.

Digital shade assistant (DSA)

The software compares the shade of the tooth to be analyzed with three pre-selected shade guide teeth on the screen. The shade guide tooth that comes closest to the tooth that is being analyzed is shown on the screen.

Power Fail Save System

This system bridges short power interruptions of up to 10 seconds, without the program being aborted.

Automatic double-range temperature calibration (ATK2)

The ATK2 temperature checking system calibrates the temperature in the furnace fully automatically and accurately in two different temperature ranges. This ensures high-precision firing procedures.

Stand-by key to reduce power consumption

Efficient use of energy and responsible use of valuable resources: Ivoclar is committed to this goal. Therefore, our new Programat is equipped with the new Power Saving Technology. In the stand-by mode, the energy consumption of the furnace decreases by almost 40 percent. As a result, you save on electricity costs and help protect our environment. Look out for the “Power Saving Technology” label on the back of your device.

LAN and USB ports

The furnace can be connected to other devices, such as printers, USB flash drives and external hard drives. Software updates can be downloaded from a USB flash drive at any time.

Comparison of Technical Properties

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