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VivaStyle provides a new, innovative way to provide clinically proven whitening products to your patient

VivaStyle Teeth Whitening System

Download the Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluation to access patient feedback. 

  • Whiten up to 10 shades in 10 days1

  • Visible whitening results in as little as 4 days1

  • Easy to follow three-step process to provide a higher standard of care

  • Available in three different concentrations (16%, 22%, or 32% carbamide peroxide)

  • 87% clinical approval rating3 ​​​​​​

VivaStyle Activate helps remove teeth stains prior to whitening
VivaStyle Activate
VivaStyle Activate is a pre-whitening paste that properly cleans patients teeth by removing surface stains and prepares them for VivaStyle whitening gel.  VivaStyle Activate can be used before any of our whitening solutions to ensure patients teeth are properly cleaned and will not negatively affect shade change.² VivaStyle Activate is used exclusively for whitening as compared to other toothpastes.
VivaStyle Whitening Gel is available in 3 different carbide peroxide concentration levels
VivaStyle Whitening Gel
VivaStyle Whitening Gel contains three 3ml carbamide peroxide syringes that can whiten patients teeth in up to 10 shades in 10 days¹. VivaStyle Whitening Gel is best used with VivaStyle Activate and VivaStyle Condition to provide patients with an effective and safe professional take-home whitening solution.
VivaStyle Condition will reduce post-whitening side effects like teeth sensitivity
VivaStyle Condition
VivaStyle Condition is a gel used to help condition patients teeth after completing your whitening. VivaStyle Condition provides patients with a gel that can help reduce post-whitening side effects. Patients can feel safe knowing they can reduce their risks while not jeopardizing their shade change.
VivaStyle Teeth Whitening Strips

Download the Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluation to access patient feedback.

  • Adhesive strips stay in place while whitening

  • 6% hydrogen peroxide

  • Clear, discreet way to whiten

  • 91% clinical approval rating3

  • Only once a day for 30 minutes

  • 14 days of treatment

VivaStyle LED Teeth Whitening System

Download the Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluation to access patient information

  • LED light is IP67 waterproof4

  • Drop tested for durability5

  • Lithium-ion battery with magnetic charging cord. 

  • 9% hydrogen peroxide resealable pen with targeted brush applicator

  • Simple two-step whitening method to maintain the desired tooth shade

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion LED whitening light with 15-minute timer

  • Zero reported sensitivity3

  • 86% clinical approval rating3

We are confident that we can provide you with products that both you and your patients enjoy.

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