IvoBase system

PMMA denture base materials including dedicated fully automated injection procedure

A system for dependable quality.

A fully automated injection device and top-class materials – this is our IvoBase system for precision denture bases made of high-quality materials.

Exceeds the requirements of the standard.

Your benefits at a glance

Fully automated process

  • Plug-and-play device, only an electricity connection is required
  • Programs coordinated to the material
  • Minimized residual monomer content of less than 1% 

High precision due to shrinkage compensation

  • Automatic material injection
  • Pressure maintenance during polymerization
  • Thought-through ventilation technology

Predosed capsules for the denture fabrication process

  • Always the ideal mixing ratio
  • Consistent material quality
  • No direct contact with the skin

Wide shade range

  • Thanks to the wide shade range and uniform shade standard you can create harmoniously matching restorations.

Everything you need for a highly precise denture base at the push of a button.

Smart device.

IvoBase Injector

Injection procedure: for precision denture bases and remarkable occlusal fit.

Special features
  • Fully automated injection and polymerization procedure
  • Controlled polymerization shrinkage due to injection technique
  • Reduction of residudal monomer content to less than 1% due to RMR feature
User friendly
  • Clean process without any steam
  • Display of operating information on the OSD display
  • Software updates via the internet
Too beautiful for the dental lab
  • Compact design
  • Only power supply is required
  • Space saving design

Injection procedure: trusted for decades, re-engineered for today. Precise.

At a glance

Exceeds the requirements of the standard.

IvoBase material

From a chemical point of view, the IvoBase material belongs to the category of cold-curing polymers; in terms of its quality, it is in the league of heat-curing polymers. Fast and also strong.

Predosed capsules for the fabrication of dentures
  • Always the right mixing ratio
  • Consistent material quality
  • No direct skin contact
  • Two different qualities of material

IvoBase High Impact

• High fracture toughness
• Fulfills the requirements of heat-curing polymers with an elevated fracture toughness according to EN ISO 20795-1:2013
• Developed for high-strength restorations
• Up to 10 dentures in a 9-hour working day

Requirements for materials with high fracture toughness

IvoBase Hybrid

• Polymerized within 35 minutes
• Allround material for removable prosthetics
• Transparent Clear material for specific applications
• Up to 15 dentures in a 9-hours working day

Finely tuned shade selection
  • The uniform Ivoclar shade standard enables you to combine different denture base materials in the same denture.
  • Ideal for combining with ProBase Cold
  • Wide range of shades: Pink, Pink-V, S, US-L, US-P, 36 P, 36 P-V, Pink-V Implant and Clear

At a glance

SR Nexco for the individual shading of dentures.

Pink esthetics

As individual as your fingerprint.

Are you looking for even more customized shading options in the fabrication of removable dentures? Then our light-curing lab composite SR Nexco is the right choice for you. The SR Nexco range comprises patient-specific gingiva materials and additional intensive gingiva shades. These products allow the shade of the denture to be adjusted to the individual patient situation in a simple and controlled fashion.

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