IPS e.max Press Abutment Solutions

Customized abutment solutions
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IPS e.max Press Abutment Solutions

Customized results: implant-supported hybrid restorations using the press technique

IPS e.max Press is used to create individual, esthetic hybrid abutment restorations in combination with Viteo Base titanium bonding bases. Two options are available for this purpose:

  • hybrid abutments and
  • hybrid abutment crowns

IPS e.max Press hybrid abutment

The hybrid abutment is an individually pressed lithium disilicate abutment, which is bonded to a titanium bonding base, e.g. Viteo Base. The shape, emergence profile and esthetics of this type of abutment can be adjusted to suit the clinical situation in question. The pressed abutment is extraorally bonded to the titanium bonding base with Multilink Hybrid Abutment. Then it is screwed in place and permanently restored with an IPS e.max crown. The fabrication of a customized hybrid abutment in the laboratory offers a fast and flexible approach. 

IPS e.max Press hybrid abutment crown

A hybrid abutment crown combines the abutment and crown in one. It is monolithically pressed and then securely bonded to the titanium bonding base with the help of Multilink Hybrid Abutment and subsequently screwed in place. The very tricky bonding procedure in the mouth and the removal of excess cement is eliminated. The screw channel is sealed with a resin composite material, e.g. Tetric EvoCeram. As a result, the screw can be accessed at any time if necessary.


  • Pressed hybrid abutment solutions from your laboratory
  • High, lasting esthetics, also in cases of gingiva recession, thanks to tooth-coloured hybrid abutments
  • Hybrid abutment crowns (two-in-one) for function and efficiency: access to the screw at any time
  • Excellent bond strength between lithium disilicate and titanium bonding base achieved with Multilink Hybrid Abutment

Good biocompatibility

The high biocompatibility of IPS e.max lithium disilicate ceramic has been proved in more than a decade of clinical use and by the results of several recognized testing institutes.

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