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Schaan, Liechtenstein – 7 May 2024

The Ivoclar Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for high-quality dental applications with an extensive product and systems portfolio for dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists, has been marketing the Variolink brand successfully for over 30 years. The company now reaffirms its commitment to offering high-quality solutions that provide outstanding esthetic results by optimizing the viscosity of the light-curing variant, Variolink Esthetic LC, and adding a new White opaque shade to the product family. With its high opacity, the new shade enables efficient masking of discoloured tooth structure.

The adhesive cementation of indirect restorations plays a key part in the prosthetic workflow, as it greatly affects the overall outcome of the treatment. During this crucial step, dentists have a big responsibility because any errors at this stage not only require considerable extra time and effort to correct but also lead to higher costs and greater inconvenience for the patients. The need to use a consistent adhesive cementation protocol with coordinated products is therefore crucial. Variolink Esthetic presents a proven solution that assists dentists around the world in managing various clinical situations with confidence and achieving impressive esthetic results.

Versatile solution for all types of restorations and materials

Variolink Esthetic offers a versatile solution for all types of restorations and materials. Impressive esthetic results and high bond strengths are the main factors driving its success story. Variolink Esthetic delivers reliable clinical results in the adhesive cementation of both anterior and posterior restorations.

Combined with the coordinated primers, Monobond Plus and Monobond Etch & Prime, for pretreating the restorations, Variolink Esthetic provides an all-round solution for all commonly used materials, including lithium disilicate, glass-ceramic, composite resin, zirconium oxide and metal. Furthermore, Variolink Esthetic is the ideal choice for the adhesive cementation of the IPS e.max glass-ceramics and the zirconia materials of the IPS e.max ZirCAD family.

Optimized viscosity for the cementation of veneers

The light-curing variant, Variolink Esthetic LC, of the trusted luting material now comes with improved viscosity. This targeted improvement makes it easier to handle the material when cementing veneers. The improved tactile feedback assists users in aligning the veneers accurately. Meanwhile, the dual-curing variant Variolink Esthetic DC retains its proven viscosity that is especially suitable for seating restorations in the posterior region.

Practical addition to the shade range

The unique shade range of Variolink Esthetic leads to impressive esthetic results and offers the opportunity to adjust the final esthetic appearance of the restoration. A new White opaque shade offers a practical addition to the existing range of options. It is suitable for the efficient masking of discoloured tooth structure.

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