Variolink N

For ultimate esthetic results
Adhesive cementation for demanding restorations

Variolink N is an esthetic light- and dual-cure luting material for the adhesive cementation of demanding restorations made of glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate and composite resins. It is suitable for the seating of inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns. 

Highly esthetic results
  • The harmonious shade range helps to achieve optimum esthetic results of the final restoration.
  • Available in four different shades.
Convenient handling
  • Customized consistencies to match the demand of the specific indication.
  • Easy identification of excess material thanks to high radiopacity.
Adhesive cementation

Can be combined with the following Ivoclar adhesives:

  • Tetric N-Bond Universal
  • Syntac
  • ExciTE F DSC

Esthetic results with harmonious shade range 

Four different shades are available.
More than 15 million restorations placed worldwide[1]

For anterior restorations

Variolink N LC
Variolink N LC is an esthetic light-cure luting material especially suitable for adhesive cementation in the anterior region.


Variolink N LC is recommended for very thin (<2mm) and highly translucent restorations. It is available in 3 versions. The different shades of Variolink N LC offer the option of a brightening effect.
Due to the special amine-reduced formulation it supports shade stability and lowers the risk of discolouration caused by exposure to intensive daylight.