PrograMill CAM software

Innovative. Automated. Reliable.

For the professional production of high-quality esthetic results.

The PrograMill CAM software is an innovative nesting and calculation software. It ensures automated processing of your design data and offers workflow-oriented and tested processing strategies to achieve optimum results. PrograMill CAM is ideally tailored to the digital manufacturing procedures using Ivoclar products.

Increased efficiency with PrograMill CAM: intelligent processing of CAD data and tried-and-tested interface to the PrograMill milling unit.
Intelligent data import

Your design data is processed directly without requiring further intervention thanks to the automatic recognition and import of your design parameters. Material recognition is managed fully automatically by means of RFID technology.

Efficient and high-quality manufacturing

Rely on our processing strategies that have been especially developed for use in conjunction with our PrograMill tools and opt for our innovative materials to achieve high-quality restorations and impressive esthetics.

Innovative refinements

Enjoy regular optimizations and enhancements, work with state-of-the-art software and equipment and benefit from added value for your workflow. 

Software updates

Performance update 2023
New possibilities in premium milling: fast becomes even faster. Increase your productivity by up to 50% in use cases such as the production of zirconia restorations with the PrograMill PM7 or PrograMill DRY.*

 compared to the previous software version
Digital Denture performance update
Upgrade your digital denture fabrication with the PrograMill PM7 Performance Update, offering a potential boost in productivity of up to 30%.* 

The update enhances the precision of Ivotion Disc processing, resulting in superior quality and a more precise fit for the patient. Additionally, the update includes qualitative improvements that focus on reducing residual material and refining details, ensuring an optimal fit for the denture. 

* compared to the previous software version
Zirconia performance update 
The Zirconia performance update for machining zirconia restorations increases your productivity by up to 50% with the PrograMill PM7 or PrograMill DRY.*

* compared to the previous software version
PrograMill Abutment Holder for MedentiKa 
The production of Medentika® PreFace abutment blanks made of titanium is now possible on the PrograMill PM7, PM5 and PM3 milling machines. 
The abutment holder is manufactured in Ivoclar-typical quality and does not require calibration of the 6 ingot positions. This allows direct and precise fabrication with a high surface quality.

3Shape Dental System and exocad DentalCAD

PrograMill CAM offers you two options to process your design data: 

  1. When working with 3Shape Dental System, save your design in the CAM5 format, an output format especially developed by Ivoclar Vivadent. 

  2. If you are using exocad DentalCAD or the exocad Ivoclar Lab bundle, import the *.ConstructionInfo file into your PrograMill CAM software.

PrograMill CAM features an intelligent data import function. User-specific preferences and settings are automatically carried over, such as: 

  • preferred Ivoclar Vivadent material

  • design parameters

  • defined restoration type

  • marked preparation areas

  • designed occlusal surfaces

  • selected processing strategy