Programat CS3

Firing and crystallization furnace

Programat CS3

The Programat CS3 is the ideal ceramic and crystallization furnace for dentists with higher demands.

It has been especially developed for the crystallization of IPS e.max CAD restorations. The furnace is operated via the 7-inch colour touch screen with a specially developed operating concept for the dental practice and the well-proven membrane-sealed keypad. The Programat CS3 features over 30 individual programs and preset Ivoclar programs, one of which is the Speed program which crystallizes IPS e.max CAD restorations in less than 15 minutes.

With the help of the patented Digital Shade Assistant (DSA) the selection of the tooth shade can be achieved instantly. The software compares the tooth to be analyzed with three pre-selected shade guide teeth in one image. A special image processing software recognizes the tooth to be analyzed and the three shade guide teeth. The best matching tooth shade will be displayed as a result on the furnace screen.

The proven QTK2 muffle technology ensures an even more homogenous heat distribution in the firing chamber. Optimal firing results are achieved and the life cycle of the heating element is prolonged. The new vacuum pump control system with double valve technology ensures noiseless and power-saving operation.


  • Firing and crystallization furnace with integrated DSA function for the digital analysis of the tooth shade.
  • Colour touch screen in combination with the proven membrane-sealed keypad.
  • Operating concept specially developed for the dental practice.
  • QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector
  • Automatic double-range calibration (ATK2):
  • Integrated power-save function (Power-Save Technology)
  • OSD display
  • Programat WLAN Kit for wireless data transfer (software updates, PrograBase x 10)
  • Modern interfaces (USB, ethernet, SD card reader)
  • Double valve vacuum technology
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