IPS Classic

Proven. Beautiful.
The metal-ceramic for esthetics and efficiency

IPS Classic has been commercially available and consistently improved for many years. So, the time-tested metal-ceramic offers many advantages for fast, efficient and esthetic ceramic layering procedures.

IPS Classic
A carefully designed range for your needs in your day-to-day practice.

Your advantages at a glance

Well-thought-out concept

A streamlined range of materials enables you to work efficiently, focusing on the essentials. The range comes with its own stain and glaze materials to give you a metal-ceramic that is based on a sound concept.

Esthetics made simple 

The material’s favourable layering properties ensure easy processing. A-D shades can be reproduced in no time with IPS Classic.

Reliable material 

Even after several firing cycles, IPS Classic maintains its shape and provides good edge stability[1].

Proven metal-ceramics

Long-standing market presence has culminated in a high level of know-how, which is reflected in the quality of IPS Classic.

Enjoy the flexibility that IPS Classic offers: You decide if you want to work with a paste or powder opaquer. And choose the application method: conventional application of the paste or powder opaquer with a brush or instrument. Or opt for the spay-on technique if you use the powder opaquer.

IPS Classic is compatible with the most popular dental alloys in the CTE range of 13.8–15.2 × 10-6/K (25–500 °C).

The IPS Classic range comprises special variants, such as opalescent incisal and effect materials. So, every challenge can be solved with a solution tailored to the specific needs of your patients and beautiful restorations can be achieved. 

IPS Classic allows you to realize various types of restorations:
  • Crowns

  • Bridges

  • Gingiva

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