SR Vivodent and SR Orthotyp

Proven denture teeth made of quality PMMA
Proven and refined

SR Vivodent and SR Orthotyp: our popular and timeless anterior and posterior teeth form a strong team for your combination dentures in your laboratory. 

The tooth lines are now available in A–D and Bleach shades and therefore capable of fulfilling all the requirements of modern denture prosthetics. For customized dentures – highly esthetic and definitely functional.

High flexibility

A versatile selection of 16 A-D shades, 4 Bleach shades and 20 Chromoscope shades offers you exceptional flexibility. A strong choice for complete and partial dentures and combination work with fixed tooth replacements.

SR Vivodent anterior teeth

28 anterior teeth featuring individualized characteristics and shapes to kickstart your creativity in the dental lab. Lifelike. Versatile. Individualized.

SR Orthotyp posterior teeth

5 different sizes in the timeless Type design for a natural tooth-to-tooth setup. Efficient. Functional. Long-lasting.

SR Vivodent

Tooth mould chart

Fascination prosthetics