Press Technology


Our press technology has reached a unique level of maturity with its long presence on the market. This helps to fabricat esthetic restorations with a high level of quality. 

1. Design and model

The high-precision 3D printer
PrograPrint PR5
PrograPrint PR5 is specifically designed for high-definition precision 3D printing of dental applications and can print multiple wax objects in one job.
• High-precision results with smooth surfaces due to specially developed components
• Straightforward handling thanks to the innovative cartridge system, automatic material recognition and an intuitive user interface 
• Cost-efficient wax objects that burn out without residue can be printed using ProArt Print Wax.
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2. Invest

Universal investment material for press ceramic materials
IPS PressVest Premium
IPS PressVest Premium is a universal investment material for press ceramic materials.
• Facilitated divestment and removal of the reaction layer for smooth and homogenous surfaces
• One material suitable for speed heating procedures and conventional heating methods
• Faster fitting and finishing
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3. Consult

Shade design in five easy steps
IPS e.max Shade Navigation App
Die IPS e.max Shade Navigation App finds the correct shade and level of translucency for all IPS e.max restorations and is available for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.
• Optimum match in five steps: Enter the tooth shade, indication, die shade, layer thickness and material to get a suitable recommendation.
• Fast ingot selection
• Enhanced cooperation with dentist
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4. Select

The original lithium disilicate press ceramic
IPS e.max Press
IPS e.max Press is the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingot for final restorations.
• Tremendous flexibility for efficient fabrication of high-strength restorations 
• True-to-nature esthetics[1]
• Minimally invasive, adhesively cemented crowns with a layer thickness of at least 1 mm
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5. Press

The reliable partner for smart pressing
Programat EP 5010 G2
The Programat EP 5010 G2 belongs to the successful Programat family and impresses with its modern design, intuitive interface and monthly report.
• Modern design and user interface for easier and more efficient operation
• Fully automatic press function can increase process reliability
• Up to 20% faster high-quality press results with infrared technology
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6. Veneering

The natural veneering ceramic
IPS e.max Ceram
IPS e.max Ceram is the ceramic to veneer all substructures made of IPS e.max materials.
• Optimum modelling properties for easy handling
• One layering ceramic for both lithium-disilicate and zirconium oxide substructures
• Consistent layering scheme
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7. Finishing

For life-like restorations[1]
IPS Ivocolor
IPS Ivocolor is a universal range of Stain and Glaze materials for the creation of restorations of high quality and esthetics.
• Designed for the individual characterization and glazing of IPS e.max Press restorations, as well as for veneering ceramics (all-ceramics/metal-ceramics) and zirconium oxide
• Universal Stains and Glazes featuring a wide-ranging colour palette and two types of glaze
• High gloss at firing temperatures as low as 710°C
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8. Firing

The smart specialist for high firing quality
Programat P710 G2
Programat P710 G2 is the premium furnace of the Programat family.
• Ideal maintenance and increased efficiency with a smart reporting service
• High process reliability thanks to infrared technology
• More efficient operation with modern design and user interface
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9. Cement

The all-rounder for adhesive cementation
Variolink Esthetic DC
Variolink Esthetic DC is a light- and dual-curing luting composite for the permanent placement of all types of restorations and materials.
• Well-balanced and compact Effect shade range for impressive esthetic results
• User-friendly processing due to flexible situational consistency and controlled excess removal[2]
• Optimal bond together with Adhese Universal and Monobond Etch & Prime – for reliable clinical results[3-5]
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10. Protect

Targeted protection
Cervitec Gel
Cervitec Gel supports patients to maintain oral health – for longer enjoyment of restorations. 
• Care and protection of gum, peri-implant tissue, oral mucous membrane and teeth
• Special protection for high-risk areas
• For in-office and at-home care
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