Tooth Jewels 

Create a diamond smile

The demand for a beautiful smile has never been higher. Providing cosmetic treatments for strong and healthy teeth with sparkling accents can add value to your practice.

1. Isolate

Moisture control made easy
OptraGate is a latex-free lip and cheek retractor for relative isolation.
• Helps patients keep their mouth wide open for a long time
• Enlarged access substantially facilitates procedures[1]
• Enhanced patient comfort due to unique flexibility and elasticity[1]
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2. Clean and polish

Gentle on teeth and restorations
Proxyt is an exceptionally gentle paste that efficiently and effectively cleans and polishes teeth.[2-8] 
• Improved handling for superior results[2-6] 
• Smooth consistency and splatter-free application[6] 
• Long-lasting lustre for high-quality restorations[2-7]
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3. Beautify

Create sparkling accents
Skyce crystals add the professional and high-quality sparkle your patients expect
• Premium quality: Skyce is produced with crystal glass
• Non-invasive preparation and bonding preserve tooth structure
• Available in two sizes: Ø 1.9 mm and Ø 2.4 mm
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4. Protect

Quick protection – also for hypersensitivity
Cervitec F
Cervitec F is a protective dental surface varnish with an innovative combination of ingredients that enables fluoridation and germ control in just one step.
• Suitable for all ages
• Quick and easy application due to good moisture tolerance during application
• High level of patient acceptance due to mild taste
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