Removable Prosthetics

The fascination of denture prosthetics – more than a denture

Our biofunctional prosthetic system (BPS) for conventional removable dentures delivers highly aesthetic, customized, functional dentures that will delight your patients.

1. Preliminary bite registration

A small step for dentists … a giant leap for prosthetics
Centric Tray
Centric Tray for provisional jaw relation and occlusal plane determination. 
• Provisional patient-specific maxillomandibular relationship minimizes later adjustments
• Provisional occlusal position is determined effortlessly at the first appointment  
• Reusable for use in both complete and partial denture prosthetics
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2. Functional impression

Centricity to the point.
Gnathometer M
Gnathometer M is an intraoral registration device that enables you to determine the occlusal position of edentulous patients. 
• For intraoral recording of Gothic Arch and determination of centric relation
• Determination of jaw relation and occlusal positions 
• Can be sterilized
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3. Registration

Fast results in no time at all.
The UTS 3D transfer bow and UTS adapter enable skull-related model transfer.
• Easy attachment to the Gnathometer M to determine cranial jaw relation of the functional impressions
• Can be set to the Camper’s Plane (CP) or the Frankfort Horizontal (FH) thanks to adjustable nose piece 
• The registration data is fixed in no time with just one tommy screw and then transferred into articulators
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4. Tooth set-up

A classic, newly interpreted
SR Vivodent S PE / S DCL
SR Vivodent S PE / S DCL consists of a wide range of functional and esthetic prefabricated teeth designed to make patients light up.
• Modern design in 16 A-D and four Bleach shades
• 16 different anterior teeth based on the original Vivodent A moulds
• Highly cross-linked DCL material for a wide range of applications
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5. Try-in

Predictable results
Involve your client
This step verifies that all the information that has been gathered so far is correct, and that the implementation matches your client’s vision.
• Esthetic and phonetic tooth set-up
• Comfortable prosthesis design
• Accurate centric relation

6. Finalization

Precise dentures at the push of a button
IvoBase System
IvoBase is one of the few fully automatic injection systems on the market.
• High impact-resistant materials contribute to accurate fit, comfort and durability
• Controlled injection
• Controlled polymerization
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7. Protection

Targeted protection
Cervitec Gel
Cervitec Gel supports patients to maintain oral health and prolongs the pleasure of wearing dentures.
• Care and protection of gums, oral soft tissue and the inner surfaces of removable dentures
• Special protection for high-risk areas
• For in-office and at-home care
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