A very special anniversary

When a company can celebrate its 100th anniversary, the praise for this accomplishment never just belongs to one person, but to many. All those who have accompanied our company on its journey over the past 100 years – employees, customers and partners – have made Ivoclar what it is today: one of the world’s leading dental manufacturers.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and look forward to celebrating our company’s centenary with you!

Ivoclar Academy presents
Celebrating a Century of
Innovation with 100 Minutes of Education
With special guests from around the world, this free webinar series evaluates the past, present, and future of innovation in dentistry.

Available April 21st 2023.
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Dr. Eduardo Mahn
Efficient Esthetics
(20 Minutes)
Dr. Lyndon Cooper
Digital Removable Workflow
(20 Minutes)
Dr. Andrea Ricci
Zirconia Restorations Workflow
(20 Minutes)
Dr. Thomas Hirt
Ivoclar Innovations
(10 Minutes)
Dr. George Tysowsky
Panel Discussion Moderator
(30 Minutes)

Our world-class innovations

In the course of its 100-year existence, the Ivoclar Group has come up with numerous world-class innovations, some of which have left an indelible mark on the dental industry. Perhaps the most disruptive technology to have been developed was that of manufacturing all-ceramic restorations, together with all the associated materials and equipment. It paved the way for esthetic dentistry and completely changed the way in which dentists and dental technicians work together and treat their patients.

World’s first multi-layered milling disc for the manufacture of complete dentures
Bluephase PowerCure
First polymerization device featuring an integrated curing assistant and ultra-short 3-second curing cycle
Innovative delivery form for direct intraoral application of dental adhesive
IPS e.max CAD
To date, the best-selling glass-ceramic material in the world for digital workflows
IPS e.max Press
Strong and highly esthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramic
Revolutionary latex-free lip and cheek retractor
IPS Empress System
First-ever pressed ceramic system in the world transforms the dental industry
World’s first radiopaque dental composite
SR Isosit
World’s first microfilled composite manufactured on the basis of isofiller technology
Silicap & Silamat
First predosed filling material packaged in capsules (Silicap) for use in the world’s first mechanical dental triturator (Silamat)
World’s first glass fibre-reinforced silicate cement for restoring anterior teeth

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The perfect blend of progress and esthetics.

Ivoclar 100 years

In 1923, the general partnership of Ramsperger and Co. is founded in Zurich (Switzerland). The purpose of the company is to operate a factory that manufactures artificial teeth.

Ten years later, the company relocates to Liechtenstein and starts to trade under the new name of Ramco AG. The customized teeth manufactured by the company become a bestseller.

In 1951, the company is renamed Ivoclar – a combination of the French words “ivoire” (ivory) and “clair” (bright).

In 1954, the first foreign subsidiary is established in Ellwangen (Germany). Only a short while afterwards, branch offices are opened in France and Italy. Two years later, a German company called Vivadent is purchased and relocated to Liechtenstein. Vivadent (Latin: “dens vivens”) concentrates on manufacturing products that are used to treat vital teeth.

In 1973, Ivoclar celebrates its 50th birthday. At this stage, the company has evolved from a porcelain manufacturer to a supplier of complete systems for conservative and prosthetic dentistry as well as for preventive dentistry.

In 2001, the two individually managed entities of Ivoclar and Vivadent merge to form a new company called Ivoclar Vivadent AG. Four years later, the company enters the age of digital dentistry and starts to develop products such as 3D printers, scanners and CAD/CAM milling machines, including solutions for fabricating digital dentures.

In 2022, the brand name of Ivoclar Vivadent changes to Ivoclar. The company rebrands itself and introduces a new corporate design throughout the world.

In 2023, the Ivoclar Group will be celebrating its 100th anniversary and inaugurating a new state-of-the-art administration building, which will also house the visitor and education centre.

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