The new
PrograScan® PS7

Simultaneous high speed for perfection
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Simultaneous scanning.
2 models in 10 seconds each.
Fully automatic.

This is our first high-end lab scanner that scans upper and lower jaw models simultaneously: the new PrograScan® PS7. The scan time for models is 10 seconds with an accuracy of 5 µ.

Technically thought through.
Future made for you.
Equipped with two scan tables, two optical light units and eight cameras, the scan job can be started with just one click. Any accessories are detected automatically. Just two minutes later, the digital models are available in the design software. Compared to sequential scanning, this means a significant time saving of around three times. In combination with the exocad DentalCAD software, the PrograScan PS7 is just as easy and intuitive to operate as all our lab scanners of the PrograScan family. 
One click. Two tables. Three times as quick.

The PrograScan PS7 is particularly suitable for labs with increased production volumes. 

One click
  • One click starts entire workflow from scan to design
  • Minimum user interaction
Two tables
  • For simultaneous model and impression scans
  • Auto detection of all accessories
Three times as quick
  • Upper and lower jaw model in 10 seconds each
  • From start to finished 3D models in just 2 minutes