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Dental Progress Award!

Challenge is on.

Be the one, be the smile maker!

Calling all students and postgraduate students, born
after 01.01.1995!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your excellent skills and be recognized for it - join the Dental Progress Award 2024 and show the world what you can do! 

Select your patient and do your magic with our composites. Make an intraoral 2nd class restoration using the Efficient Esthetics kit and make your patient smile. Show us your work and become a new star in the dental sky!

Seize the opportunity to triumph in a dynamic competition! Win immersive practical training and an exclusive invitation to an enriching course at the prestigious Ivoclar Academy in Vienna! Elevate your dental journey to the next level – the thrilling adventure awaits!

Don't hesitate and register now!
Registration deadline: December 20st, 2023, 12pm (CET)


Step 1 

Register via the form below by December 20st, 2023 at the latest. 
Your registration will be accepted or declined on December 21st, 2023.
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Step 2 

Once accepted you will receive
- an invitation to the case 
introduction webinar
an Efficient Esthetic kit


Step 3 

Live introduction webinar 
to get to know the workflow on January 18th, 2024.
Rewatch it here.



Step 4

Fulfill & document your case. Be creative! 



Step 5

Send your documentation to
Deadline: March 30st, 2024, 12pm (CET)



Step 6

The winners will be determined by April 30st, 2024, 12pm (CET).
You can already register here for the winner announcement.




Find here the Terms & Conditions of the Dental Progress Award 2023/24. 

What is in for you? This is your opportunity! Get the chance to enhance your skills to the next level through exclusive courses with high-end instructors! Embark on an immersive hands-on training exerience at the prestigious Ivoclar Academy Vienna.
Your dental journey awaits.
Questions? Get in touch! 

Dr. Miona Jovanovic (AT)
+43 1 2631911 55

Prof. Dr. Danimir Jevremovic (RS, HR, BA, SI, BG, AL)
+381 63 425 425

Dr. Rares Cojocaru  (CZ, SK, RO, HU)
+43 1 2631911 74

Gerasimos Tsepas (GR)
+423 238 60 69

The Jury members

Dr Kopikrishna Thirunelakandan

Dr. Catalina Hurtado

Dr. Elmend Lorentzon

Dr. Esra Silahtar

Oliver Thews
Product Manager


Learn more about the products
State-of-the-art products with streamlined efficiency to boost your performance:

Get to know the workflow. 

OptraGate is a soft, flexible, and latex-free lip and cheek retractor, providing fast and better access to the oral cavity.

Learn more.

Adhese Universal is a one-step, universal adhesive that can be used on both direct and indirect restorations and for all etching protocols[1].

Learn more.

Tetric composites are designed to provide high-quality and long-lasting restorations for better results for your patients and that allow an efficient treatment procedure.

Learn more.

OptraSculpt is designed to create natural-looking anatomy and contours in the restoration, providing a seamless and natural-looking result.

Learn more.

Bluephase PowerCure offers short light exposure times starting from 3 seconds. With its smart technology, the device alerts you to any improper use, resulting in a better and more reliable curing process.

Learn more.

OptraGloss is a dental polishing system designed for efficient and effective polishing of composite resin and ceramics.

Learn more.

Fluor Protector S is a fluoride varnish that is used to protect teeth against cavities and decay[2-5]. The varnish is designed to provide a long-lasting protective coating on the tooth surface, helping to prevent the demineralization of enamel and the formation of cavities[2-6].

Learn more.