Scan easily.
Treat individually.

We are here to support you at every stage of the process from initial scanning through to material selection and cementation. Our intuitive intraoral scanner makes an easy task of digital impression taking. Choose from our versatile range of restorative and cementation materials to provide indirect restorations that are optimally designed for the individual requirements of your patients. 

1. Consult

The best way to start a treatment
Ivoclar Smile
Ivoclar Smile inspires patients in advance of treatment with the visualisation of a new smile. 
• Real-time 3D visualisation of potential treatment outcome
• “Virtual mirror” on your iPad or iPhone
• Clear and motivating dialogue with patients 
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2. Isolate

Moisture control made easy
OptraGate facilitates the scanning process by the retraction of lips and cheeks, thus ensuring a manageable treatment field.
• Easy access to the treatment field during scanning
• Effective and quick relative isolation[1]
• High patient comfort of wear due to three-dimensional flexibility
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3. Scan & send

An easy way to make a great impression
VivaScan is a compact and intuitive intraoral scanning solution for your practice. Its slim, lightweight and ergonomic design makes scanning an effortless task.
• High-accuracy 3D scanning for high-precision digital impressions[2]
• Effortlessly easy integration into your practice
• Direct connection with your laboratory with Ivoclar Cloud

4. Select

All-ceramics for impressive results
IPS e.max restorations
IPS e.max restorations provide a suitable fixed prosthetic solution for virtually every patient case. Your laboratory will be able to choose from a wide range of IPS e.max materials (e.g. lithium disilicate or ziconium oxide) which allows them to deliver impressive results.
• Proven longevity[3-6] of the all-ceramic restorations   
• Convincing quality and customized esthetics
• Reliability due to a 10-year guarantee on IPS e.max products
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5. Cement

The all-rounder for adhesive cementation
Variolink Esthetic
Variolink Esthetic is a versatile and aesthetic light and dual-cure luting material for the permanent placement of all types of restorations and materials.
• Maximum versatility in adhesive cementation
• Well-balanced and compact Effect shade range for impressive individual esthetic results
• User-friendly processing with flexible situational consistency and controlled excess removal[7]
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