Metal-ceramic restorations

Proven, customisable aesthetics

Our intelligent product portfolio together with your individual layering technique produce metal-reinforced restorations with impressive aesthetic quality.

1. Select

CoCr dental alloy
Colado CC
Colado CC is a base metal, cobalt-chromium alloy and an economical alternative to precious metal alloys.
• Excellent melting and casting properties
• Versatile due to its physical properties; suitable for single restorations and long-span bridges
• Compatible with conventional metal-ceramics (e.g. IPS Style®) and laboratory composites (e.g. SR Nexco)[1-4]
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2. Veneering

The first patented metal-ceramic material containing oxyapatite
IPS Style
IPS Style offers dental labs maximum efficiency, easy handling and lifelike aesthetics[5].
• High stability and easy modelling of the layering materials
• Optimised shrinkage behaviour and therefore high stability during firing of the layering materials
• Oxyapatite crystals for lifelike translucency and depth effect[5]
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3. Finishing

For life-like restorations[5]
IPS Ivocolor
IPS Ivocolor is a universal range of Stain and Glaze materials for the creation of restorations of high quality and aesthetics.
• Designed for the individual characterization and glazing of IPS Style and IPS InLine restorations
• Universal Stains and Glazes featuring a wide-ranging colour palette and two types of glaze
• High surface gloss at firing temperatures as low as 710 °C
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4. Firing

Your smart specialist for high-quality firing results
Programat P710 G2
Programat P710 G2 is the premium furnace of the Programat family.
• Ideal maintenance and increased efficiency with a smart reporting service
• High process reliability thanks to infrared technology
• More efficient operation with modern design and user interface
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5. Cement

Simple steps to success
Speedcem Plus
Speedcem Plus is a clinically proven self-adhesive resin cement for the permanent seating of high-strength restorations made of zirconia and metal.
• For peace of mind, especially when cementing opaque restorations
• Additional security thanks to the high bonding strength achieved through self-curing
• User-friendly application with straightforward protocol
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