Madagascar: Clean water – healthy people

As a part of the Drink & Donate project, our employees have been drinking tap water instead of bottled mineral water for the past several years. The contract with this non-profit organization has recently been renewed.

Water is a precious and limited resource, and therefore it should not be taken for granted. We have been supporting the non-profit organization Drink & Donate since 2017. The program operates under the motto of “Drink tap water. Donate drinking water”. With this contribution, people in less prosperous regions of the world are provided with access to clean water.

The Miandrivazo project, which came to fruition thanks to Drink & Donate, supports six local municipalities in Madagascar in their efforts to ensure sustainable access to clean water.

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Ninety-two per cent of the population live below the poverty line. Only a small part of the rural population has access to clean potable water. Basic sanitary services and good hygiene practices are lacking. Gastrointestinal illness and a high child mortality rate are the result.

This is the situation that the Miandrivazo project run by Helvetas seeks to alleviate. In the region where the project operates, Helvetas supports communities in acquiring expertise and in developing strategies including planning and controlling tools that will enable them to further develop their fresh water supply with the help of local businesses. Apart from developing drinking water infrastructure, the project aims to create a general awareness of the importance of personal hygiene among the local population.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report