Romania: Escaping the poverty trap

North East Romania is one of the poorest regions in Europe. Children without formal education and elderly people who receive only a minimal pension and cannot afford to buy firewood in winter are the sad order of the day. A Liechtenstein-based organization has been fighting to alleviate these distressing conditions for many years. We are proud to support their efforts.

In keeping with their motto You Are Not Alone, the YANA relief organization has established a number of aid projects in this area since 1995, thereby helping many people in Romania to regain hope for the future.


One of the organization’s most significant projects involved the founding of four community day centres for around 100 children. The centres, which are professionally staffed, provide children (those of Roma decent in particular) with support that cannot be given by their families or the structurally weak municipalities in which they live: cooked meals and a quiet place to do their homework as well as help and assistance in a crisis. Nevertheless, the centres offer much more. Specially trained staff members are available during operating hours to provide the children with individualized encouragement and support: for example, with speech therapy or study assistance programs.

The efforts of these centres have shown to be successful: A number of Roma children have been admitted to high school! To reach this milestone is rather an unusual feat for young people from the rural regions of Romania. Even today, it is an opportunity that is reserved for only a few.

We have supported this ambitious project in Romania for many years. Our aim is to assist some of the weakest individuals in our society. We wish to help these children escape the poverty trap by providing them with the necessary tools to grow personally and live independently.

Corporate Social Responsibility Review