3D Printing 

PrograPrint – engineered to meet dental needs

Our 3D printing workflow provides high process reliability and very precise results. An innovative cartridge system and intuitive operation ensure straightforward procedures.

1. Scan: Digital precision

Accurate scanning experience to enable high-precision results [1,2]
PrograScan One+
is an intraoral scanner that enables high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colours and delivers accurate and esthetic restorations.
• Optimized handling with innovative wireless scanning technology
• High-accuracy scan data to enable optimal treatment results
• Connect to labs easily – send scan data in STL and PLY format to any digital laboratory

2. Lab scan: Fast & powerful

High performance and high accuracy
3Shape E3 Scanner
is an all-round laboratory scanner that covers a wide range of indications.
• Digitalizes analogue models quickly
• Integrated intuitive design software
• Secure CAM transfer and auto-start function

3. Design: State-of-the-art modelling

Optimized preparation for 3D printing performance and high accuracy
3Shape Dental System & CAMbridge
are used to design and prepare restorations for the 3D printing process.
• 3D printing files deliver restorations an excellent accuracy of fit and precise margins
• Built-in automated intelligence for the easy placement of support structures
• Optimized settings for the production of dental designs
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4. Decide: High-quality. Precise results.

The high-quality materials
ProArt Print Materials
are designed for use with the PrograPrint PR5 3D printer to produce accurate, dimensionally stable printed objects.
• ProArt Print Splint offers high transparency [3] and high stability [4], and is used for occlusal splints, drilling templates and try bodies.
• ProArt Print Model produces a variety of dental models with high-precision results for accurately fitting final restorations
• ProArt Print Wax burns out without leaving a residue and is ideally suited to the easy, quick and cost-efficient production of pressed objects without sacrificing quality
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5. Produce: Precise and easy

The high-precision 3D printer
PrograPrint PR5
is specifically designed for high-definition precision 3D printing of dental applications and is the centrepiece of this workflow.
• High-precision results due to specially developed Light Engine
• Straightforward handling thanks to the innovative cartridge system, automatic material recognition, and an intuitive user interface
• High process reliability due to the ideal integration of the components in the validated workflow
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6. Finishing: Excellent results

The efficient cleaning unit and the universal light-curing unit
PrograPrint Clean & PrograPrint Cure
are efficient cleaning and curing units for the final steps in the workflow that are optimally aligned with the printing system.
• Printed objects are cleaned and cured while on the PrograPrint stage for easy handling
• Two cleaning containers for efficient pre- and post-cleaning
• Spacious curing chamber with customizable programs; also ideal for laboratory composites
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