Direct Restoratives 

1. Isolate: Comfortable isolation

Moisture control made easy
OptraDam Plus & OptraGate
are effective isolation solutions that are comfortable and easy to place.
• OptraDam Plus for absolute isolation [5] reduces the spread of aerosols [5, 6]
• OptraGate for latex-free relative isolation with enlarged access and gentle retraction [7]
• Comfortable for the patient, easy to place for the dentist [5]
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2. Bond: Efficient adhesion

Universal adhesion with advanced delivery
Adhese Universal
is a single-component, light-curing adhesive for direct and indirect bonding and all etching protocols. [8]
• Up to four times more applications per millilitre compared to conventional bottles [9, 25]
• Only bonding agent available in the innovative and efficient VivaPen
• High bond strength (> 25 MPa) on wet and dry dentin [10]
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3. Restore: High esthetics. Excellent handling.[11]

The solution for all cavities
The Tetric Line
consists of well-coordinated composite resins that allow for a time-saving workflow [1-4, 12] and offer true-to-nature esthetics. [12-14]
• Reliable curing of 4-mm increments and short exposure times [12, 15-20]
• Time-tested quality and durability [21]
• Time savings of up to 51% in the posterior region [3, 12]
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4. Contour: Effortless adaptations

Time-saving contouring thanks to anti-stick properties [28, 29, 30]
is a contouring instrument suitable for non-stick shaping and surface contouring specially designed to shape unpolymerized sculptable composites [28, 29, 30].
• Non-stick properties and adjusted working angles for anterior and posterior regions [28, 29, 30]
• Creates a homogenous surface texture [29, 30]
• Five attachments: ball, pointed tip, chisel, pad in 4 mm and 6 mm
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5. Cure: Powerful performance. Intelligent assistance.

Reliable curing, short exposures
Bluephase PowerCure
is an innovative curing light designed for the intraoral polymerization of light-curing materials.
• Patented polyvisionTM technology acts as an intelligent curing assistant
• Powerful light intensity of up to 3,000 mW/cm2
• Short curing times starting from three seconds [22]
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6. Polish: Brilliant finish.

High-gloss polishing in only one step
is a universal polishing system for extraoral and intraoral use that delivers particularly smooth and shiny surfaces [28, 29, 30].
• No additional polishing paste needed [24, 27]
• High diamond content of up to 70% wt. [24, 26]
• High lustre in composite resin restorations in just one step [23, 24]
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7. Protect: Powerful prevention

Increased protection with immediate fluoridation[31-35]
Fluor Protector S
is a protective fluoride varnish that provides increased protection against caries and erosion[31-34].
• Excellent flow into interdental areas, fissures and hard-to-reach areas[35]
• Long-term caries prophylaxis[31-36]
• 7,700 ppm fluoride in a homogenous solution
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