Lab-proven.[1] Future-proof.

Trust the original press technology from Ivoclar.
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Trust is mutual

Trust is based on mutual understanding of each other – for example, among people in your personal life: your family members, your life partner and your friends. Relationships based on trust also develop in your daily laboratory business under the right conditions. Our press technique plays an important part in this process. IPS e.max Press and the Programat G2 press furnace offer you exactly what you like to have in your personal life: reliability and dependability[1].

Take advantage of this opportunity
Decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the press technology ensure high quality, performance and efficiency. Dental technicians all over the world trust the original press technique. And this trust pays off! 

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What makes our press technique stand out

Original quality

What gives you more confidence in your work than being able to depend on excellent quality? The laboratory products IPS e.max Press and the Programat G2 press furnace keep their quality promise every day[2-3]. We tailor our products for the press technique to meet the needs of your laboratory. You can trust the quality of the original.

Consistent performance 

We have carefully developed every single step in the restoration fabrication process. IPS e.max Press produces exceptional results in combination with the Programat G2 press furnace. Your laboratory can rely on the high performance of the press technology from Ivoclar.

Dependable profitability

You can rely on our experience in pressing ceramics and grow the profitability of your laboratory business. The components of our systems have been consistently developed over the years so that they work together smoothly. We focus our efforts on meeting the needs of dental technicians. Therefore, the original press technique integrates seamlessly into any workflow and suits every budget.

The press technique turns 30. A success story spanning 30 years.

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