PrograPrint Cure

Universal curing unit
Engineered to meet dental needs

The PrograPrint Cure is a LED light-curing unit designed for curing printed objects. The unit is characterized by its high light intensity. Reflective coating distributes the light evenly inside the curing chamber and ensures that the printed objects are optimally illuminated. The printed objects can be left on the build platform of the PrograPrint PR5 whilst they are being cured: The curing chamber offers sufficient space for both of them.

The PrograPrint Cure light-curing unit is a component of the PrograPrint system – a 3D printing system specially designed for dental applications. PrograPrint consists of the PrograPrint PR5 3D printer, coordinated cleaning and post-curing units and an array of resin materials.


PrograPrint Cure provides a consistently high light intensity and can therefore also be used for curing light-curing lab composites, e.g. SR Nexco. Pre-set curing programs provide a high level of user comfort. Users can also set up their own programs for other materials they may want to cure in the unit.

  • Spacious curing chamber
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Optical status display
  • Suitable also for lab composites

Suitable for curing the following materials:

  • ProArt Print Wax
  • ProArt Print Model
  • ProArt Print Splint
  • Lab composite, e.g. SR Nexco
Instructions for Use (eIFU)

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