Prime Zirconia

Just as you trust the IPS e.max® lithium disilicate, you as a dentist can rely on Prime Zirconia, which forms a part of the e.max family.
Expertise and confidence

Your aim is to give your patients a long-lasting new smile. In order to fulfil your goal of achieving customized results, you need a dental material that is not only durable and stable, but also esthetic.

Quality and esthetics
- The esthetic appearance of the material is comparable to that of IPS e.max lithium disilicate
- High strength, stability and durability and a wide variety of applications 
- Easy placement with conventional cements or self-adhesive luting materials
Our Prime Zirconia has versatile uses and is characterized by outstanding quality and superb esthetics.

Your patients are active and engaged. They want more than a healthy and well-functioning dental solution: They want a beautiful smile. In such cases, Prime Zirconia is the right choice.

What users say about our Prime Zirconia

Dr Robert Ritter (USA)

“I make it Prime Zirconia because of legacy. With this material, I can get strong restorations with similar esthetics as lithium disilicate. My patients are happy with the results and they can’t stop smiling.”

Dr Christopher Ramsey (USA)

''Prime Zirconia has been one product that I absolutely prescribe all the time that give myself consistent results both from a cosmetic standpoint and overall functional standpoint. When I can do that, it allows me to do all the things that I want to add in the office stress-free."

Dr Tina Giannacopoulos (USA)

“I started using Prime Zirconia two years ago, when my lab recommended the material for a full arch case. I was thoroughly impressed with the results that can be achieved with Prime Zirconia because it provides the best of both worlds: unparalleled esthetics and maximum strength.“

Dr Peter Auster (USA)

"My number one choice for strength and beauty. With our Prime Zirconia we finally have an esthetic zirconia that is strong enough for frameworks and bridges and translucent enough to be comfortably used in anterior cases. The gradient technology forms the basis to create functional, beautiful restorations.”

Dr Parag R. Kachalia (USA)

“In order to get beauty, you gave up strength, but in order to get strength, you had to give up beauty. Until Prime Zirconia came out."

Count on esthetics, gain strength – use Prime Zirconia.

Extensive range of applications

Your dental laboratory will use Prime Zirconia to create crowns and multi-unit bridges on natural teeth and implants.

Versatility in

The placement of your Prime Zirconia restorations: conventional, self-adhesive or adhesive.

Customized esthetics

Glazed, stained or esthetically layered – your laboratory will fabricate the Prime Zirconia restorations according to the specific requirements of the individual case.

Reliability and stability

The high fatigue resistance of the material minimizes the risk of failure, while it maximizes the service life of the restoration. 

Confidence in choosing a material

In an effort to offer you the best possible solutions, we have consolidated our knowledge and expertise in dental materials development. Our Prime Zirconia is the ideal material in cases where restorations have to be thin and esthetic, yet strong and stable. It allows you to confidently meet the expectations that are placed on you as a practitioner. You have relied on IPS e.max for many years and know what to expect from the materials.