Programat CS6

Speed up your practice
Open combination furnace for quick crystallization, sintering, and glazing

With our new Programat CS6 combination furnace, you can crystallize and sinter restorations faster than ever before with unsurpassed esthetic results. The dependable technology behind the Programat CS6 ensures that each case is quickly and consistently completed, allowing you to focus on your patients, not your furnace.

IPS e.max CAD in just over 
11 minutes[2]

Superspeed crystallization

Speed up the world's best-selling[1] glass-ceramic material IPS e.max CAD

  • Crystallize restorations in just over 11 minutes[2]

  • Easily reproduce high-quality results thanks to advanced firing technology[2-5]

  • 10-year material guarantee

Esthetic sintering with proprietary vacuum

No longer sacrifice esthetics for speed

  • New, proprietary vacuum technology speeds up sintering

  • Outstanding level of esthetics is achieved despite the short program duration

  • Optimized for IPS e.max ZirCAD

Our multifunctional furnace is compact but can reach temperatures of up to 1,560°C (2,840°F). Its optimized firing chamber leads to faster programs and above all, increases the esthetics of your final restorations.

Fast Crystallization Program

With the innovative technology in the firing chamber, restorations can be processed in very short amount of time. You can crystallize IPS e.max CAD restorations in just over 11 minutes[2].

Proprietary Vacuum Technology

The Programat CS6 features new vacuum technology which accelerates the sintering process, while simultaneously improving the esthetics of your zirconia restorations. Furthermore, this proprietary function assists in optimizing the crystallization and glazing processes.

Innovative Opening Mechanism

Saving you even more time, the Programat CS6 supports and accelerates the pre-drying and pre-cooling process through its innovative opening mechanism. This unique feature strategically controls the hot air rising from the firing chamber to dry restorations from underneath.

Precise Temperature Control

You have full control over the temperature for consistent and reliable results. Temperature calibration can easily be conducted on site at your office.

LED Status Indication

The status of your restorations within the furnace can be easily monitored by looking at the optical status display (OSD) at the base of the furnace. The OSD indicates the operational status through color representation.

Color Touchscreen

Operating the Programat CS6 is simple and fast. Its modern color touchscreen is easy to use, and is highly durable; ideal for any clinical environment.

What customers say about the Programat CS6
Dr. med. dent. Sven Holtorf
"The Programat CS6 from Ivoclar is a great new development for chairside prosthetics. It is capable of processing the proven material IPS e.max CAD and zirconium oxide materials such as IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi very rapidly, making it a valuable piece of equipment for our dental practice. Due to its easy programming, it is also suitable for other materials. Moreover, the well-designed furnace fits seamlessly into our work environment."

Open system

In addition to pre-installed programs for Ivoclar materials, programs for third-party materials can be created independently and with ease. No matter what material you choose, the Programat CS6 speeds up your practice.

  • Easy to refine or enhance restorations with multiple firing options

  • Remakes are simple

  • State-of-the-art crystallization tray has space for a three-unit bridge or four single-tooth restorations

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Speed up your practice

We know how important your time is, so we developed the new Programat CS6 furnace to crystallize and sinter your restorations faster than ever before with unsurpassed esthetic results.