IvoSmile Orthodontics App

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IvoSmile Orthodontics App

Show your patients their incredible new smile in just a few minutes – on your iPad or iPhone without any obligation.

The IvoSmile Orthodontics app allows you to give your patients a preview of the potential esthetic treatment outcome during the orthodontic consultation appointment without any obligation.

The patient’s teeth are scanned with a 3Shape TRIOS (from Generation 3). The pre-installed TRIOS Treatment Simulator (TTS) calculates a virtual set-up of the teeth. This information is transferred directly to the IvoSmile Orthodontics app via the 3Shape Communicate Portal. Innovative augmented reality technology is used to superimpose the potential treatment outcome on the digital mirror image of the patient – in real time while the patient speaks, smiles, or moves their head.

The virtual picture or video provides a lifelike preview of the potential improvements to the patient’s smile. Therefore, it heightens the probability of the patient making the decision to go ahead with the treatment. The impressive before-and-after images and the possibility of viewing oneself with the new restorations in a virtual mirror is an exciting experience for patients and will make them think seriously about a smile makeover.

The app facilitates not only your communication with your patients but also with your laboratory partners. Beautiful teeth are worth talking about!


  • Digital communication and consultation app for a clear and motivating dialogue with your patients
  • Fast and exciting visualization of potential esthetic orthodontic treatment outcomes

Your benefits

  • Show your patients their incredible new smile in just a few minutes
  • Explain complex aspects of the treatment by visualizing them
  • Tap into the curiosity of your patients and gain them as customers
  • Simplify the communication with your dental laboratory partners
  • Share pictures of the simulated outcome with your laboratory and/or with your patients
  • Avoid additional expenses caused by misunderstandings or disagreements
  • Draw the patient’s attention to potential limitations (due to individual anatomic requirements) in the realization of the esthetic orthodontic treatment
  • Position yourself as a modern and innovative practice
  • Take advantage of the app’s 30-day free trial period

Technical requirements

  • Apple iPad or iPhone with iOS 12 or higher

A free 30-day trial period allows you to familiarize yourself with IvoSmile Orthodontics without any obligation!

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