IPS Empress® Direct 

Effortless dental masterpieces

The composite for highly esthetic fillings

IPS Empress Direct is our highly esthetic, sculptable restorative material for anterior and posterior teeth. We specially developed it to fulfil the highest esthetic demands.

IPS Empress Direct allows you to unlock your inner creativity. If you have very high esthetic expectations, IPS Empress Direct is the right material for you.

Lifelike shades for natural-looking restorations

  • The highest standard of esthetics for anterior and posterior teeth 
  • Wide range of true-to-nature shades
  • Five different levels of translucency
  • Enables the lifelike reproduction of many different anatomical features

A long-lasting smile

  • More than 44 million fillings have been placed worldwide[1]
  • Excellent clinical performance
  • Long-lasting esthetic results

Easy handling and intuitive application

  • Intuitive shade system for ease of use
  • Holds its shape during sculpting and contouring
  • Adapts well to cavity walls
  • You are under less pressure due to the long working time
    of up to 300 seconds[2]
  • Polishes quickly to a high gloss
  • High radiopacity of up to 360% Al


The shade system of IPS Empress Direct is intuitively organized.

A Dentin shade is used to replace natural dentin and an Enamel shade to reproduce natural enamel. In addition, three different translucent shades are available for imitating the play of light in the incisal area.


The Dentin materials have true-tonature opaque properties and therefore influence the overall shade from within the tooth. The Enamel materials have a higher translucency and therefore allow light to diffuse naturally through the Dentin materials.

Three translucent materials, Trans 20, Trans 30 and Trans Opal, are available for controlling light reflections in the incisal region.

Creation of an opalescent effect

The special Trans Opal material allows you to create a lifelike opalescent effect in just one step. In reflected light the material has a bluish tinge, while in transmitted light it has a reddish-orange appearance – exactly as it should be for natural-looking results.
The Trans Opal material is available in two variants: a flowable (IPS Empress Direct Effect) and a sculptable composite (IPS Empress Direct).

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The IPS Empress Direct shade system is logically structured and therefore very easy to use. A dentin substitute replaces natural dentin and an enamel substitute replaces natural enamel. This allows you to intuitively layer the most complex restorations and swiftly choose your shades.

“In only five steps, anyone can master the art of creating highly esthetic composite restorations.”

Dr Eduardo Mahn,
Clinica Artis, Universidad de los Andes, 
Santiago, Chile

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More than 44 million fillings[1], numerous clinical studies and countless case reports have proven the high quality and superb esthetics of IPS Empress Direct.

A clinical trial conducted by Dr Cerutti of Brescia University in Italy has confirmed the outstanding performance and quality of IPS Empress Direct. After five years in service, 70% of the restorations were shown to be in excellent or good condition with regard to their colour matching. The remaining 30% were in satisfactory condition.

The case of a 24-year-old-patient shows that the esthetic result remained constant over a period of eight years. Very little wear occurred.

  1. Starting situation, 2015
  2. Build-up of the palatal wall/of the dentin core
  3. The result
  4. Recall examination after eight years, 2023

“I’ve been working with IPS Empress Direct for many years. I’m impressed by the versatile characterization options and above all by the excellent properties and the high quality of the restorations, even after many years in service."

Dr Eduardo Mahn,
Clinica Artis, Universidad de los Andes, 
Santiago (Chile)

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Imitation of enamel cracks with IPS Empress Direct Color ochre and brown

Photos: Dr Anton Lebedenko, Ivoclar, Liechtenstein

Application of fluorosis marks with IPS Empress Direct Color white

Photos: Dr Markus Lenhard, Schweiz

Closing of a diastema and creation of an opalescent effect using IPS Empress Direct Enamel and IPS Empress Direct Trans Opal

Photos: Dr Eduardo Mahn, Chile