IvoBase System

Fully automated, compact and steamless

IvoBase System

IvoBase Injector permits a fully automated, controlled injection and polymerization procedure of special PMMA resins which are coordinated with the system. The chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated during polymerization thanks to the patented temperature control in the flask and the heater. This enables the fabrication of denture bases featuring high accuracy of fit and precision. The injector has been especially developed for the IvoBase material and permits excellent restorations. The IvoBase Injector can also be used for the tried-and-tested SR Ivocap material.

Automated process offers reliability

A high quality standard is calculable and easy to achieve: The flask and the material are placed in the unit, the program is selected and started. Users enjoy a consistently high level of quality and precision.

Residual monomer content < 1 per cent

The standard residual monomer content of IvoBase is at the level of heat-cured materials. By using the RMR function, this critical value is clearly undercut: below one per cent.

Reduction of emission

No water bath, no compressed air – an electrical connection is all that is needed. The IvoBase system is reduced to the essentials and prevents unnecessary emissions.

Patient Satisfactory

Very comfortable to wear due to excellent fit, dimensional stability and surface finish and a low residual monomer content provides peace of mind.


The best of two techniques.

The quality advantages of a heat-curing polymer have been combined with the processing benefits of a cold-curing polymer to produce a new PMMA system. In terms of its chemistry, IvoBase Material is classified as a cold-curing polymer. However, the quality of the material is equivalent to and even exceeds that of heat-curing polymers.

Two different types of material.

IvoBase Hybrid is characterized by its short processing times. Within 35 minutes, the material thoroughly cures in the IvoBase Injector. The product is suitable for fabricating all kinds of removable dentures. High fracture toughness is the outstanding characteristic of IvoBase High Impact. The material polymerizes in 50 minutes. It is suitable for the fabrication of structures that are exposed to heavy loading.

IvoBase High Impact
For exceptionally high stability requirements
IvoBase Hybrid
For all removable dentures
SR Ivocap Heat-Cure Polymer
Highly accurate denture base material for the injection technique
SR Ivocap High Impact
Impact-resistant denture base material for the injection technique

Predosed. Contact-free. Clean.

The predosed capsules always contain the correct amount of material. Both containers are opened, the monomer is added to the polymer and then the two components are mixed. In the process, the skin never comes in direct contact with the monomer. For health’s sake.