SR Ivocron

High-quality PMMA veneering material
Versatile applications

SR Ivocron is based on many years of clinical experience. The high-quality PMMA veneering material is suitable for several areas of application. It can be used to create esthetic composite veneers on crowns and bridges, for temporary applications and for the fixation of denture teeth in prosthodontics thanks to the individual choice of processing technique.

Your advantages at a glance


Available in the 20 shades of the Chomascop shade guide and in Gingiva pink, the material facilitates the fabrication of esthetic restorations.


SR Link bonding agent enhances the bond between metal and composite and is suitable for application in the crown and bridge technique as well as in the model cast technique.


SR Ivocron can be used in conjunction with the pouring, layering and pressing technique, depending on the monomer liquid used for mixing.


SR Ivocron and the SR Vivodent, SR Orthotyp, Ivostar and Gnathostar denture teeth are all matched to the Chromascop shade guide. Simply perfect for combination techniques.

One material – three techniques

Cold Liquid

Mixed with the Cold Liquid, SR Ivocron allows for fast and easy processing in the pouring technique. Polymerization is carried out in the pressure apparatus.

Suitable for:
• Short- and medium-term temporaries
• Filling and fixation of ground denture teeth on model cast frameworks
• Repairs

Hot Liquid

Mixed with the Hot Liquid, SR Ivocron acquires a smooth and adaptable consistency, allowing restorations to be easily veneered using the layering technique. Polymerization is carried out in the pressure apparatus. 

Suitable for:
• Crown and bridge veneering techniques
• Long-term temporaries

Press Liquid

Mixed with the Press Liquid, SR Ivocron obtains a smooth consistency and can be easily pressed. The consistency allows the restoration to be veneered layer by layer in the flask. Polymerization is carried out in the flask under pressure in the water bath.

Suitable for:
• Crown and bridge veneering techniques
• Long-term temporaries

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