PrograPrint PR5

High-precision 3D printer
Engineered to meet dental needs

3D printing – engineered to meet dental needs PrograPrint PR5 is a 3D printer for use in dental technology and forms part of the PrograPrint system. The printer is specially designed for the high-definition precision printing of dental applications, e.g. models and splints, using the ProArt Print materials and is easy to operate.

High precision

The specially developed light engine is the heart of the 3D printer and is largely responsible for the high accuracy of the printed objects. Based on DLP technology, it ensures a consistently high precision across the entire build platform. The light engine delivers a high-definition resolution (twice as many pixels as conventional DLP printers), a high light intensity and automated calibration. The combination of these features enables the production of high-precision printed objects.

Easy handling of resin materials

PrograPrint Cartridge is an innovative cartridge that enables easy and virtually contactless handling of the resin materials. The cartridge protects the resins from premature curing due to ambient light. The built-in valve regulates the fill level of the material tank while the printing process is in progress. The PrograPrint PR5 offers automatic material recognition and an intuitive user interface, giving users the reliability they need in printing their objects. Designed for easy and intuitive operation, the integrated touchscreen makes operating the printer straightforward and simple. The optical status display provides easy-to-view information about the ongoing printing process.

High-quality components

The PrograPrint incorporates the many years of experience we have gained in the dental field. We have comprehensive know-how especially in the development of light-curing materials and coordinated curing lights. All the steps of the printing process, including cleaning (PrograPrint Clean) and post-curing (PrograPrint Cure), are optimally coordinated with each other. This increases the reliability and the reproducibility of the production process. Grow your digital portfolio and benefit from the advantages that additive manufacturing brings to your work.

  • Specially developed light engine for high precision
  • Clean and easy handling of material cartridges
  • Contactless RFID material recognition
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • Optical status display
  • ProArt Print Wax
  • ProArt Print Model
  • ProArt Print Splint
Areas of use
  • Burn-out restorations for the press technique 

  • Occlusal splints 

  • Drilling templates 

  • Models

  • Aligner models